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KAKA NFT World integrates Chainlink VRF on BSC


invezz.com 07 January 2022 12:39, UTC
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KAKA NFT World, a competitive gaming ecosystem platform focusing on metaverse blockchain gaming, has integrated Chainlink (LINK/USD) Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Binance (BNB/USD) Smart Chain mainnet, KAKA wrote on their Medium blog.

Access to a tamper-proof randomness source

KAKA has access to a tamper-proof, auditable randomness source needed to ensure the fairness of the gameplay in every event after integrating Chainlink, a leading decentralized oracle network. As users have more confidence in NFT airdrop transparency and fairness, their experience not only becomes more exciting, but also fraud-proof.

Creating a fun, valuable metaverse system.

KAKA NFT World is creating a fun and valuable metaverse system with many original IPs and well-known IP licenses. The platform is dedicated to combining the application of DeFi and NFT in the ecosystem to create an open, decentralized, and complete project as well as a prediction protocol intersecting the esports market prediction It resolves the strong centralization issue of traditional games.

RNG solutions require security considerations

Solutions based on a random number generator (RNG) require several security considerations to ensure system integrity and prevent manipulation. For example, off-chain API-derived off-chain RNG solutions are non-transparent and don’t provide users with hard evidence about the integrity of the process.

The choice of Chainlink

KAKA chose Chainlink VRF because it’s secured through the generation and on-chain verification of cryptographic proofs, based on cutting-edge academic research, and supported by a time-tested oracle network.

Fairness, decentralization, transparency, and openness are the unchanging attributes of blockchain technology. KAKA may potentially continue to apply Chainlink VRF technology to other functions of the KAKA project to help protect the essential rights of all users by combining future predictions and current development trends.

Syed Jawad Haider, CMO of KAKA, commented:

KAKA integrated Chainlink VRF to provide users with a transparent gaming environment, which will amplify the innate effects of decentralization. Chainlink VRF can help information flow freely and efficiently in KAKA’s events. During operations, clear evidence of process integrity will be provided, which can effectively reduce trust costs and help users obtain a more trustworthy experience.

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