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Binance Ventures into the NFT Gaming Metaverse


thenewscrypto.com 22 December 2021 17:55, UTC
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  • Binance leading the revolution into NFT Gaming Metaverse. 
  • The NFT platform recorded over 1 million gaming NFTs in supply. 
  • Moreover, NFT won the title of ‘word of the year 2021’. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are buzzing around the space as a highlighted topic attracting the interests of all individuals through its digital evolution. As the crypto industry is also growing mature in the market, people are very eager to experience their assets into digital artworks.

Thus, by observing the growth and future of NFTs in the marketplace, Binance primarily popped with the launch of  its own NFT platform in June. And now, Binance is very curious in exploring the gaming metaverse in its own NFT marketplace. Through this, it supports both the artists and gaming developers. 

Binance Dives into NFT Gaming

Significantly, Binance’s immersive initiative to explore gaming sectors through NFTs is experiencing a remarkable welcome in the marketplace. Therefore, heading high into the Gaming Metaverse, ranked Binance to be the world’s  largest gaming NFT trading platform. 

Moreover, Binance is gaining huge responses for its unique developments for its best quality and growth of crypto assets since its inception. In addition, with a notable positive response to serve as a NFT marketplace, Binance initiated an Initial Game Offering [IGO] in its platform.

In regards with this, Binance community happily shared, 

“Our team is working in line with its futuristic vision of bringing the NFT gaming into the real world experience. Interestingly, Binance aims to be the foundation for gaming metaverse connecting with top-tier blockchain games around the world.”

Therefore, this remarkable initiative of Binance into NFT gaming, drived many gamers to choose Binance NFT platform. Thus, marking this achievement, the trading platform recorded over 1M gaming NFTs till date. Adding to the record, it scored $130 million in trading volume with its NFT projects. 

Thus, as a memorable milestone, Binance witnessed its most expensive gaming NFT sold at a cost of $1,937,600 (approximately 2 million).

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