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NFT: OctoAliens Special Edition is coming with

en.cryptonomist.ch 11 December 2021 11:44, UTC
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Today, Sunday 12 December, the OctoAliens NFT Special Edition, created in collaboration with The Cryptonomist, was launched on the Binance Smart Chain.

Only 20 OctoAliens Special Editions are currently available for sale on the marketplace to be collected by paying in BNB.


NFT OctoAliens: the Special Edition in collaboration with The Cryptonomist

Specifically, 2 Mutants in 10 different colours have been mined for a total of 20 non-fungible tokens at a price of 0.30 BNB each.

Collectors will receive 1800 $OCTO for each NFT purchased on the primary market.

With the drop, the Octoaliens team will also create a “Collectors Event” where, upon the sell out of the 20 NFTs, 3 winners will be drawn for a pool of 15,000 $OCTO. These 15,000 tokens will then be divided among these 3 lucky collectors.

The collection is called “OctoAliens x TheCryptonomist” and each NFT will feature our magazine’s logo on the Mutant’s shirt.

What are OctoAliens NFTs?

The OctoAliens are among the first collectibles of early 2021 – created on the blockchain, initially on Ethereum using OpenSea and now also on the Binance Smart Chain on the NFT platform.

It is a series of NFT collectibles consisting of 365 OctoAliens available in three variants, Common, Rare and Super, plus a Special Edition.

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