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Ross Ulbricht is auctioning personal artworks as NFTs to raise money for a charity and his release. - Coinnounce


coinnounce.com 06 December 2021 03:09, UTC
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Ross Ulbricht, the man responsible for creating SilkRoad, is auctioning personal artworks as NFTs on the SuperRare platform. The unique artworks, which form the Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection, were produced during Ulbricht’s childhood and prison time. Currently, Ross is serving a double life sentence in prison + 40 years with no possibility of parole. He was arrested in 2013.

Ross Ulbricht is auctioning off 10 NFTs on SuperRare platform.

There are 10 NFTs that Ross will be auctioning, which include pencil drawings and poetry. The names of the individual pieces are: “Mom’s Dae,” “Dolphin,” “I Hope the War is Over,” “Quicksilver,” “You lookin’ at Me?,” “The Trial I Saw, “Life in a Box,” “Uncageable,” “Perspective,” and “Death.” Whoever wins the auction will receive an NFT of an animation comprised of all Ross’ artworks. Entoptic will curate the NFT collection. NFTs craze grew this year significantly as we saw several big names like Eminem and Snoop Dogg release their NFTs. 

Money raised via NFTs sales will be used for charity.

After spending over nine years in prison, Ulbricht has personally experienced and witnessed the toll a prison sentence can take on a family’s relations and wishes to raise money to help convicts’ kids come to prison to visit their incarcerated parents. FreeRossDAO is a group of investors who aim to raise funds to bid for the Genesis Collection and hope to contribute to efforts to free Ulbricht from life imprisonment through legal proceedings and raising awareness. Ulbricht was arrested in 2013, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation shut down the darknet platform Silk Road, which accepted bitcoin for the payment of drugs and later weapons, and operated as a Tor hidden site to avoid monitoring. 

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