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Deadmau5 and Portugal The Man Drop their New NFT Single


cryptoknowmics.com 03 December 2021 09:30, UTC
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Electronic music producer Deadmau5 and rock band Portugal The Man have teamed up to release one million copies of their new single “This Is Fine” as nonfungible tokens (NFTs). It’s going to be released on the Mintbase NFT marketplace on the Near blockchain, with tokens going on sale Thursday.

Deadmau5 and Portugal The Man Release 1M Single as NFT

Electronic music producer Deadmau5 and Grammy award-winning rock band Portugal The Man (PTM) have partnered to release a new single, "This Is Fine" as NFTs.

250,000 of these NFTs were sold at Miami’s Art Basel show on Dec. 2 for $0.25 NEAR Tokens or $2.19 at the time of writing. The remaining NFTs will be sold as a mix of singles and bundled units, each with unique attributes with its price yet to be determined.

In addition to the single, each NFT also features unique artwork by Wooden Cyclops, the art director of PTM who also collaborated on the artwork with Smearballs, the artist behind the Deadmau5’s characters in his music videos “Monophobia,” “Drama Free” and “Pomegranate.”

In addition, there is also promise for “multiple metaverse integrations and rewards coming for collectors of this NFT,” but provided no additional details.

Music Industry's Into the Cryptoverse

Deadmau5 has been a collaborator in various crypto projects having backed a music-streaming DAO as well as a physical NFT installation with artist Gregory Siff at a Colorado music festival in November. In a recent interview, the music producer said:

“It’s about adoption. It’s about adopting this way of doing things for artists, and it’s also about public adoption and companies working together to adopt technology that’s going to make this easier for everyone. It’s not about me working to better my bank account, it’s about all artists working to gain more control of their work.”

In January, Portugal The Man (PTM) launched its own crypto token “PTM Coin” on the ETH-based Rally Network which grants its fans exclusive access to events and other benefits.

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