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NFTrade Earns Grant from Solana Business Partnerships

www.altcoinbuzz.io 10 November 2021 18:19, UTC
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Solana is already the 2nd largest NFT ecosystem behind Ethereum. But Ethereum is far ahead right now. To grow their ecosystem, they are partnering with cross-chain NFT platform NFTrade. This should be a win/win for both platforms.

The partnership between NFTrade and Solana is in the form of a grant. Solana wants NFTrade to further NFT development on their platform. The amount of the grant was undisclosed.

NFTrade is a decentralized cross-chain NFT platform. They bring interoperability to NFTs like Polkadot, Cosmos, or ICON brings to blockchains.

What Solana Gets
Solana NFT holders will integrate into NFTrade’s system. This will allow the Solana holders to:

  • create NFTs
  • create entire NFT collections
  • Buy
  • sell
  • farm
  • or swap

NFTs completely on Solana or within the other 4 chains that NFTrade works with.

They already integrate with:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Polygon
  3. Avalanche
  4. and Binance Smart Chain

meaning people can swap or lend or sell NFTs across any of these platforms.

What NFTrade Gets

They get the money from the grant first of all. Secondly, they get a fifth blockchain to integrate into their blockchain-agnostic system. The grant will help pay for and speed up integrating Solana into the NFTrade system.

In a related piece of good news, NFTrade’s token $NFTD is now available on Gate.io. On Gate.io, you can stake or liquidity mine with your $NFTD in the $NFTD/USDT pair.

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— Gate.io (@gate_io) November 9, 2021

NFTrade Price Activity
$NFTrade is currently at 55 cents, with a total supply of 135 million. Its current value is a little over $74 million, according to Coingecko.

You can find $NFTrade, aside from Gate.io, at many DeFi AMMs like Uniswap, Trader Joe, and Pancakeswap.

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