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Mars4 and Sketchar Announces a $35,000 USDT Martians888 Art Content

coinquora.com 10 November 2021 08:56, UTC
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What better way to enjoy art and earn than to jump on the recent wave of NFTs collection, games, airdrops, and even contests. Now, Mar4 brings you a moment to create your own NFT and also earn some fiat currency while having fun.

In that respect, Mars4 and Sketchar announced an exclusive $35,000 USDT Martians888 Art Contest. As stated by Mars4, “this is the time to tap into your inner Leonardo da Vinci to create a one-of-a-kind Martian avatar.” What’s more, artists can distinctively break through and make a name for themselves in the exciting world of NTFs, P2E gaming, and Web3.

First and foremost, Mars4.me is a Mars-themed Metaverse driven by Mars Land NFTs and Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming mechanics. Notably, Mars4 has revenue assurance from its NFT yield generating protocols, unlike other NFT projects. Hence, it is not just an artistic and exploration medium for content creators, individuals, and businesses, but an excellent source of passive income.

On the other hand, Sketchar is a mobile platform with a suite of tools for emerging artistic skills, creating art, and selling it on the Sketchar app, backed by Snap, Boost VC, and IMI.VC. Remarkably,  Sketchar was honored with the Webby Awards for Best Use of Augmented Reality in 2018, the most prestigious award for digital products.

Why You Explore the Mars4 Metaverse

Mars4 is a centered ecosystem where users can dig into a virtual Mars Metaverse, own and customize their land property with MARS4 Tokens. And as well, reap the rewards of the world’s first revenue-generating NFT. The native token allows users to leverage NFT Mars Land, Token redistribution, and gamification.

Strikingly, dual tokenomics of Mars4 consist of Mars Land NFTs and MARS4 dollars. Also, there is an initial supply of 4 billion MARS4 Tokens that are used as the main currency on the Metaverse of which 1/3rd will be sent to mint the limited supply of NFT land plots.

Furthermore, a detailed 3D map of Mars’ terrain after NASA’s Mars data has been developed by the Mars4 project team. It can be sampled as an equivalent of the 2001 Google Earth 3D map. Each is represented by a unique NFT and the total area of the Red Planet is divided into 99.888 unique land plots.

Particularly, the Mars4 Metaverse will have multiple play-to-earn games combining the best of Decentraland, Star Atlas, and Axie Infinity. Of note, the NFT project is powered by cryptocurrency, which makes it more accessible to people across the world.

Earn Passive Income by Holding Mars Land

The Mars4 platform is the first blockchain-based project to allow collectors to receive passive income through their NFTs. When a collector owns a land plot NFT, they are automatically included in the Mars4 yield generating system. This system ensures each transaction performed on the platform redistributes MARS4 tokens to the NFT holders.

The platform operates on Ethereum which allows users to benefit from high transaction processing speeds. Users get the chance to benefit from their land plots, aside from owning a parcel of land on Mars. Prior to the launch of Metaverse, epochs are introduced to redistribute passive income for Mars landlords. Interestingly, the scarcity model is created to provide a yield for NFT owners as soon as possible.

Bear in mind that each Epoch starts after a new batch of 10,000 NFTs are sold. Therein, 51% of the income from the Land NFTs are reallocated to the previous NFT owners, starting in Epoch 1. Ahead of time, Mars4 entered the first epoch on September 24th, 2021 as more than 50,000 NFTs were sold already. As a result, more than 17 million MARS4 tokens are in Epoch1 Redistribution.

Mars4 and Sketchar Collaborates on Martins888

In what can be seen as an exciting partnership, Mars4 and Sketchar make the Martians888 Art contest a reality starting on November 8th and ending on 30th.  Specifically, in an exclusive Twitter announcement, Mars4 invites all artists to grab the opportunity to create 888 unique Martian Avatars (imagine CryptoPunks on Mars). The Avatars will be minted as NFTs which will form a core part of the Mars4 world.

To participate, simply download the Sketchar app, click the Martians icon in the Creative Hub, fill in the outline template for a Martian in your style, and then share it on the Martians888 collection. However, you will need to keep the initial outline of the Martian, but you can add accessories or environments.

According to the team, the best 888 Martians will be selected by the Sketchar community with a special jury consisting of the Mars4 executive team and some Crypto Art and NFT gaming experts. All in all, the artist that wins the Martian contest, will receive a share of the $35,000 USD bonus pool. To add on, these selected artworks will be promoted and sold on the Sketchar marketplace and other NFT marketplaces.

In the future, Mars NFTs will open their doors to staking, and liquidity mining, thus earning passive income to their owners. You don’t have to wait any further, start crafting your NFT avatar right away and if you are lucky, it may join other 887 collections on Mars, says Mars4.

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