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Hello Pets Now Acquires 10 BAYC In $6M NFT Expansion, Sets Sights On Metaverse


news.coincu.com 16 March 2023 10:24, UTC
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Hello Pets aims to become the Disney of Web3 by building an open entertainment ecosystem incorporating NFTs. By leveraging the NFT world’s intellectual property (IP) licensing mechanism, the company can create content using its own characters and a variety of other NFT characters by buying them directly from the market.

The purchased NFTs will be incorporated into Hello Pets’ various products, including movies, metaverse, games, AR/VR applications, Lego-like toys, fashion, and many more. Hello Pets believes that this approach will result in richer and more captivating content in its products, appealing to a broader audience. The company plans to keep buying more Blue Chip NFTs, as well as excellent content creating teams, to strengthen its ecosystem further.

As part of the $6M fund, Hello Pets also plans to invest in and acquire high-quality Metaverse and game teams to build the ecosystem together and synergize with all its products. This will accelerate the company’s vision to construct an open NFT paradise where communities can play games, edit scenes, create 3D content, and easily build their own Metaverse games. NFT holders and artists are invited to develop cool NFT avatars together, and partners and brands are welcome to join the ecosystem and enrich it further.

Hello Pets’ move into the NFT space represents an increasingly popular trend among blockchain-based entertainment companies. As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, more firms are looking to incorporate them into their ecosystems, creating a new wave of entertainment and commerce. Hello Pets’ investment in NFTs and the Metaverse aligns with its goal of becoming a leading player in the blockchain-based entertainment industry, and it will be exciting to see how the company progresses in the coming months.

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