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Splinterlands New Milestone: Most Played Blockchain Game - CoinQuora


coinquora.com 20 September 2021 10:21, UTC
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  • Splinterlands hits 260,000 daily users on its platform.
  • The Play-to-Earn game is now the most played blockchain game.
  • NFT blockchain games continue to gain popularity.

Splinterlands continues to astound the crypto world. In a groundbreaking record, the Play-to-Earn NFT trading card game has reached over 260,000 daily users. Specifically, this unprecedented number accounts for the rapid growth in real-world adoption for the platform.

In fact, this milestone of reaching 260,000 daily users makes Splinterlands the first in terms of ranking. In particular, it is the #1 blockchain game according to DappRadar. To put it into numbers, this rise shows over a 2.5x growth in daily users over the last month alone. 

Right now, the platform records over 6 million games played per day from players playing from 142 countries. Even now, the platform continues to see massive growth. Also, it is active in 6 different languages.

CEO and co-founder of Splinterlands — Dr. Jesse ‘Aggroed’ Reich, says

It’s been an exceptional journey building our community of 800k registered accounts and 400k spellbook owners. We eat, sleep, and breathe Splinterlands non-stop and constantly think about how do we help our community even more. This is what Splinterlands play to earn is all about and I couldn’t be prouder or happier for our ecosystem that we’re catching fire and the bros are apeing in.

Overall, this growing interest in the game is no doubt a nod to the fact that NFT based games are indeed gaining popularity. Undoubtedly, players from all over the world are flocking to Splinterlands and other similar games.

In comparison to traditional games, Splinterlands offers highly engaging Play-to-Earn options that allow assigning organic and real value to gaming items. In creating real value, the platform achieves a much higher retention rate from its players.

Over the past few months, the game celebrated many big milestones. To highlight, one such celebration involved over 50% of the platforms players buying the Summoner’s Spellbook upgrade. The upgrade gives users a chance to earn rewards while playing. Speaking of the spellbook, it sold 50,000 copies in a single day.  

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