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What Is the Current Value of Logan Paul’s NFT?


thenewscrypto.com 10 October 2022 07:33, UTC
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  • In 2022, NFT has slumped, and the Azuki has tumbled to 99%, about  $10.
  • CryptoPunks had a 56% increase in volume, while OpenSea saw a long-term low in August 2022.

Logan Paul, a well-known American YouTuber, made news last year after paying $623,000 for Azuki’s ‘Bumblebee’ NFT. The Azuki NFT collections are valuable assets since they include 10,000 hand-drawn avatars that are unique from other digital artworks. And the price has reduced as of 2022, and the Azuki NFT has decreased to 99%, about $10.

Paul stated that in 2021, he spent $2.645 million on the Non-Fungible Tokens, with the Azuki being the most expensive. He currently owns 4500 NFTs, according to OpenSea.

Non-Fungible Tokens trading volume has dropped 97% from $17 billion in January 2022 to $466 million in September 2022, as the larger crypto markets crashed this year and investors moved to get rid of speculative assets like NFTs.

Despite a gloomy macro outlook, Ethereum Non-Fungible Token sales have seen a brief surge as a result of the Ethereum Merge in mid-September 2022. The popular Bored Ape Yacht Club line saw a 187% increase in sales within 24 hours following the merger.

Despite revenue slipping below $100 million for the sixth consecutive month, CryptoPunks had a 56% rise in volume. The trade volume of OpenSea hit a long-term low in August 2022.

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