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Intel to give presentation on energy-efficient 'Bonanza Mine' Bitcoin ASIC next month


www.theblock.co 18 January 2022 13:13, UTC
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Representatives from tech giant Intel will debut what they've called an "Ultra-Low-Voltage Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining ASIC", dubbed "Bonanza Mine", during a technology event next month.

The few available details were included in a presentation guide for the 2022 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, which is set to take place between February 19 and 26. Intel's presentation, the existence of which was first reported by Tom's Hardware, will take place on February 23.

Despite the scant information at this time about the upcoming presentation, past events and information releases have long pointed to Intel's interest in developing bitcoin-related hardware.

Years ago, Intel was highlighted as a technology partner in presentation materials for bitcoin startup 21 Inc., which at the time of the materials' creation was raising a $75 million funding round. Those materials revealed that Intel had produced mining chips at its foundry for 21 Inc.'s use. However, it has never been clear whether Intel's in-house chips were used for mining beyond this particular business arrangement.

In 2018, Intel won a patent for an energy-efficient bitcoin mining process. 

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