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Here’s Why PEGA Pool is Planting Trees for BTC Miners


coincodex.com 05 December 2022 19:59, UTC
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Fact: Bitcoin mining is bad for the environment. In fact, studies show that almost 30 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) were released into the atmosphere courtesy of the BTC mining sector. That’s 2x the amount emitted by the United State’s largest coal plant in 2021.

In Bitcoin’s short 13-year history so far, BTC miners are responsible for the emission of almost 200 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, according to Cambridge University researchers.

Realistically, the solution is not to cease Bitcoin mining operations, which are crucial for the recording and validating of crypto transactions. BTC mining must continue, which is why PEGA Pool is stepping onto the scene with a Plan B: Plant trees.

Planting trees is a smart way to reduce the sector’s carbon footprint by offsetting the amount of CO2 released during the BTC mining process. However, a few trees won’t do – and right now, there literally are not enough trees in the world to offset Bitcoin’s carbon footprint and counteract the vast amount of greenhouse gases the crypto industry is spewing into the atmosphere.

To put things into perspective, around 15 trees would be needed to consume the CO2 emitted by the average person every single day, based solely on the fossil fuels released to produce the food they eat.

In order to see significant results and have a notable impact on global warming, we would need to plant 300 million new trees – and soon. In fact, completely neutralising the pollution caused by BTC mining would call for the biggest global forest expansion in human history.

That’s why PEGA Pool’s plan is to plant trees, which extract CO2 from the air and transform it into plant material and oxygen through a process known as photosynthesis.

Proudly British-owned and -operated, this eco-friendly mining pool is on a mission to reduce the adverse impact of Bitcoin mining, and create a more sustainable and eco-friendlier crypto industry for all.

Hailed as the 13th largest mining pool in the world by BTC.com, with a highly competitive PPS+ revenue model, PEGA Pool is open to all Bitcoin miners worldwide, regardless of whether or not they use renewable energy. However, those who do will be rewarded with lower pool fees (1%) while BTC miners who do not use renewable energy will fork out double (2%).

Flatten the CO2 Curve with PEGA Pool

Visit PEGA Pool’s website today to find out how you can claim one of the last available spots on the waitlist and become a part of their limited-time BETA period. The eco-friendly mining pool is currently in its pre-launch phase, and qualified BETA users qualify for a 100% discount on pool fees during this phase, followed by activation of a lifetime 50% pool fee discount.

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