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Nordcoin Mining, the containers for mining


en.cryptonomist.ch 22 August 2022 15:48, UTC
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Nordcoin Mining is a company that has been manufacturing mining equipment since 2017. Specifically, it builds and provides high-end cryptocurrency mining infrastructure services for medium and large-sized companies. 


Nordcoin Mining company’s big news

The product made by Nordcoin Mining is the so-called Mobile Mining Containers (MMC), which are containers that are in effect mobile mining facilities, perfect especially for those who want to start a modular and scalable mining business.

Cryptocurrency mining requires more and more professional equipment, and Nordcoin Mining’s constantly upgraded containers are ready for the global market. 

In fact, due to the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency mining industry, there are many small and medium-sized companies that can benefit greatly from using containers with equipment inside, rather than setting up ad hoc facilities in dedicated buildings. 

Among the advantages, the economic-financial one definitely stands out, as the container solution is significantly less expensive than building fixed facilities. Moreover, it is a modular and mobile solution without the problem of cooling.

As miners are constantly looking for cheaper electricity, mobile containers allow it to be easily transported to those places where it is available. In fact, most of Nordcoin Mining’s customers typically place their containers directly inside the premises of power plants. 

Not only are the MMCs transportable relatively quickly, but they can operate in a temperature range from as low as -30°C to 40°C, and work in all weather conditions.

In addition, all containers are Kiwa Inspecta certified, meaning they comply with safety regulations, so they are also perfect for being placed in wind or solar farms. 

In this case, for example, the energy produced in excess, compared to that required by the grid, can be “converted” into cryptocurrency, without having to pay grid fees, excise taxes, transportation, and other additional costs. 

Properties and features of the new MMCs

10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot models are available, with power from 160 kW to 720 kW. Containers are modified to include modular racks for housing and powering cryptocurrency mining units and to ensure optimal performance within a wide variety of configurations and weather conditions.

The containers have built-in video and audio surveillance, with real-time notifications and weather sensors, and are “Plug’n’mine,” meaning they are ready to use once connected to the power source and the Internet.

The company also offers installation and maintenance services.

Finally, Nordcoin Mining is also open to cooperating with renewable energy producers to purchase their power on-site, to be used to mine cryptocurrencies.

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