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The University of Tokyo Stepping Towards Offering Courses in the Metaverse


www.thecoinrepublic.com 25 July 2022 18:30, UTC
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Offering courses in the Metaverse will help students across different fields to learn from the University at once, says University officials.

Innovation and creativity are among several ways to make education interesting and reachable to many people. During such times when almost every other industry is seeking to step into the digital space, education should also not be left behind in such initiatives. Citing the importance, the University of Tokyo decided to offer courses to their students, in the Metaverse.

On Sunday, a local newspaper reported that the University of Tokyo is preparing to offer several study programs that will be organized in the Metaverse in the upcoming months. From high school students to the young adult workforce, a wide range of learners will benefit from this initiative.

According to the reports, the Metaverse study programs that the University of Tokyo is going to offer, will not include its own faculty members. Rather the faculty of engineering and its related graduate schools will be taking part and lead the initiative. Further it also mentioned that students will also receive the certificates after completion of their courses in the Metaverse.

Although there was no mention of any digital asset or non-fungible asset that could be involved and helped during the operation. Similar to what the Sungkyunkwan University of South Korea took the initiative to reward their three students with NFT certificates. Todai is also expected to take a similar approach.

Officials of Tokyo University with the knowledge in this matter outlined that the notion of providing education in the Metaverse is unique in itself. This will create such circumstances where students can learn without any boundaries of age, gender, locality, class, etc. They can learn about offered subjects of engineering and informational science.

The idea behind launching this project was to figure out where the working class are lacking in skills, who are involved in developing projects towards upcoming digital transformations and potential advanced technologies.

For starters, students in different grades will be offered courses accordingly. For instance, students from junior high and high school will be getting a glance at the space. They will further learn about different possibilities where they can find work in distinct fields like engineering, science, and other related fields.

While those students who also belong to an already working community will get the opportunity to attend different online courses. They will be offered more technical and advanced courses. This will include artificial intelligence, entrepreneurial education, and communication tech.

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