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“Ghost” Enters The Metaverse To Offer Fans A Virtual Experience In Decentraland

source-logo  btcmanager.com 21 July 2022 23:11, UTC

The popular CBS comedy show Ghost lays the groundwork for entering the virtual world. The entertainment platform has unveiled its planned immersive experience, which CBS will host on the Web3 network, Decentraland.

Ghost Metaverse Experience on the Way

According to the statement from the comedy platform, the Ghost Experience is a lively virtual show featuring a haunted mansion to pump up fans’ excitement.

The Web3 marketing firm, CreativeDepartmint, created the new metaverse experience. As part of the virtual experience, fans will choose an avatar and enter the Woodstone Mansion. While in the haunted house, fans are expected to solve puzzles, undertake adventures, and gather NFT collectibles.

CBS has revealed that the metaverse experience is part of its “Summer of Ghost” advertising drive before the release of the show’s second season.

However, to make the virtual version of the show more surreal, CreativeDepartmint has integrated most of the important features of the comedy. The sets, costumes, characters, and voices from the series were all included.

Mike Benson, the chief marketing officer of CBS, disclosed that “Ghost” was already a hit before the Metaverse plan came to light. CBS is determined to innovate with new metaverse programs with its real-world series.

Benson added that the series’ expansive sets, characters, and features are suited for the metaverse.

Meanwhile, the CBS series has a significant following after the launch of its famed “Ghost,” featuring the haunted house and other things. CBS has taken another step by launching a virtual replica of the show to afford its fans the experience of an alternate reality.

Decentraland to Host “Ghost” Game

The new project is an engaging and exceptional Web3 initiative that Decentraland is looking to bring to life excitingly. Visitors to the Ghost Metaverse will have unique experiences and, at the same time, explore other aspects of the series.

According to CBS, Decentraland is the perfect platform to launch the Ghost Metaverse. Decentraland will display both Ghost games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a carbon-neutral polygon blockchain network.

In addition, there are 1,100 tokens per character for the metaverse show, enabling fans to become part of the series’ history on the blockchain network.

Commenting on the development, CreativeDepartmint, Jonathan Block-Verk, noted that the blockchain is highly regarded for its rapid speed. Fans can easily find it convincing to experience an unrivaled performance.

Block-Verk further disclosed that this is the first time a U.S. network is building a Decentraland game. And this will be the beginning of more partnerships between Decentraland and CreativeDepartmint.

CreativeDepartmint is a popular player in the Web3 ecosystem, with which media brands have continued to do business over the years. Using innovative systems like Web3 will attract more people to the metaverse, which is one of the visions of the platform.

The Web3 network is among a few platforms with a previous working relationship with Moonwalk. It also has a previous collaboration with the metaverse firm, TerraZero, to develop a make-believe experience.