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Rescale Inks Partnership With Nvidia To Develop Industrial Metaverse


btcmanager.com 20 July 2022 14:59, UTC
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Rescale is driving digital transformation with its growing influence on the Metaverse ecosystem through strategic partnerships. Accordingly, the platform has incorporated the Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) into its system to accelerate the development of the industrial metaverse.

Rescale Push for Digital Transformation with the Nvidia Deal

Rescale is looking to promote the automation of high-performance computing (HPC) applications in the virtual space. Companies could be able to create digital tools as a foundation for the expansion of the industrial metaverse.

Moreover, Rescale’s partnership with Nvidia will add more artificial intelligence (AI) features with hundreds of HOC applications to the Nvidia GPU.

Meanwhile, Rescale has already integrated more than 800 other applications into its platforms to complement the new ones from Nvidia. By next year, both teams are already working on further integrating other critical apps onto the Nvidia Base Command AI System.

Product innovation is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers via computational engineering. To this effect, the strategic plan between Rescale and Nvidia will help ease the process of designing digital twins for industrial production.

With this comes automation of the production phases, which Rescale’s chief product officer, Edward Hsu, noted as the key to expanding the industrial metaverse.

Hsu added that this would require massive computing infrastructures and software to handle them optimally. 

Rescale has been in the game of developing artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) compatible platforms to see how they would better accommodate the transition of real-world production to the metaverse.

A Virtual Ecosystem to Spur Innovation

The engineering industry is constantly looking to scale and find more convenient ways to create innovative products. Some of the traditional software developed has turned out to be cumbersome to use.

As a result, firms are now focusing on building their own peculiar software, which is also not a ready replacement for the others. However, the issue is finding a balance for optimal performance, which requires customization.

With customization comes dependency, so deploying new software versions can be easy for users.

Furthermore, Rescale’s partnership with Nvidia will ease companies’ challenges in implementing workflows in their virtual ecosystem.

 For its part, Rescale has an extensive catalog of engineering and scientific tools to make the transition to the metaverse seamless. At the same time, Nvidia comes with comprehensive NGC tools that companies can leverage to develop ready-made solutions for their operations.

Overall, the latest partnership attempts to bridge the gap between automating industrial metaverse operations with high-performance computing.

The continued venture into the metaverse by companies from different sectors points to the relevance of the virtual space. Many organizations are now developing strategies to pave the way for entering the virtual realm.

Many metaverse enthusiasts believe that the virtual world will gradually replace some real-world activities that have been done for decades.

With the rapid changes enveloping the world powered by Web3 and enabled by blockchain technology, the metaverse will be likened to a real-world scenario in years to come.

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