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D.G.Pals Launches Two NFT Games In Two Weeks


www.web3wire.news 04 June 2022 03:56, UTC
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A Fun NFT-Battling Experience

D.G.Pals launched its first two blockchain games—D.G.P: New World and D.G.P: Legends—enabling users to explore the Cronos metaverse with their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

The team broke the great news via Twitter, releasing both games in the last two weeks. New World introduces the world of Panterra, where users can hatch their D.G.Eggs, grow their D.G.Pals, and explore the virtual world. Legends presents a 5v5 squad-battler game mode where players use their NFTs to compete for monetary rewards.

Web3Wire reached out to one of our very own Sergio, operations manager at Cronos News and avid gamer, to ask him about his personal experience playing both games. 

“As a lifelong gamer, I’ve become accustomed to the console experience. Packaged games with everything included, as is, with the ability to purchase additional items and cosmetics from the in-game shop. I would have to say that both D.G.Pals New World and Legends are some of the best-looking blockchain gaming experiences available.”

Sergio shares a similar sentiment as the broader community, which took to Twitter to praise the successful launches in numerous posts. 

DGPal quests are live! I have been thoroughly enjoying Legends. What a great launch. I want to congratulate the whole @officialdgpals team. They launched two great games in close succession. That is quite a feat. Looking forward to all future releases! 🔥🎮 pic.twitter.com/wmcsSwUuG9

— Al Bert (@crypt0madhat) June 1, 2022

The in-game NFTs are designed to be interoperable across multiple games, in D.G.Pals’ metaverse and beyond, containing enough attributes so that any game designer can find them useful and inspiring. 

“Immediately, you are reminded of that childhood pokémon aesthetic, with the main difference being that you retain sole ownership over your pets. Earning potential is great, but I tend to focus on the quality of the game over the value I can extract from it. As a lifelong gamer, D.G.Pals New World and Legends get my seal of approval,” concluded Sergio. 

Similar to other classic games, like Pokemon, D.G.Pals evolve from babies into their prime forms. As their stats increase, based on daily activities, the NFTs become more valuable and unlock new PlayToEarn possibilities. 

Source: D.G.Pals NFTs are infused with stats and variables that can power games of various genres.

Some upcoming milestones for the project include the D.G.Marketplace launch later this month, D.G.Gold token staking, and two additional games—D.G.P: Plaza and D.G.P: Adventure—expected to be released later this year. The team is also planning on crossing over to the real world with a board game launching on Kickstarter and targeted for Q3 2022.

Web3Wire News will follow along as the D.G.Verse keeps expanding further into Web3. 

What is D.G.Pals:

D.G.Pals is an interoperable NFT GameFi project designed to democratize game development and support an entire ecosystem on its own. It creates opportunities for gamers to share their ideas freely and immerse themselves into the D.G.Verse and gives indie developers the tools to bring their game ideas to life. 

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