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Onliners Metaverse Offers a New Way Into the Virtual World

coinquora.com 18 May 2022 14:05, UTC
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Onliners Metaverse announces its plans to merge NFTs and the metaverse in one project. The project plans to make both spaces more accessible to the general public through customization and personalization.

While both markets seem relatively niche, they have seen a massive boost in popularity within the last few years. 15,000 to 50,000 NFTs were sold weekly as the metaverse market surpassed $38 billion last year. In other words, these two markets are clearly blooming.

Onliners Metaverse is a community of over 8,000 members, all working together to establish a community with the same goals and ambitions of building and evolving the NFT and metaverse spaces.

Through NFTs, Onliners Metaverse connects its community members with digitized versions of themselves, helping them establish a connection and feel closer to the idea of a metaverse.

The platform gives users access to a collection of NFTs that grants them admission to the Onliners Metaverse ecosystem. The NFTs aren’t just for building a connection to your digital persona, but they can also be used to play online virtual games. Embedded in each NFT are varying statistics that dictate the strengths and abilities of that character or avatar, which are then used in-game.

The project will also release a collection of NFTs featuring various items that their digital persona can use. Users can build an NFT that suits them and their personality through these items, further strengthening their connection to the avatars.

Onliners Metaverse Features

Hundreds of unique features will be added to the platform for users to enjoy, including access to a large selection of costumes and gadgets from numerous online communities like digital assets. These will come from community members with artists, gamers, anime, social, students, businesses, music, writers, events, developers, etc.   

The project offers even more beyond the NFT collections, with many upcoming plans to significantly expand its offerings and ecosystem, creating a unique, comprehensive NFT experience.

Onliners Community

The first goal of Onliners Metaverse is to create a dedicated and robust community that will assist in promoting the project, participating in improving it, and working towards its longevity. The community will be the project’s backbone, helping it achieve all of its future ambitions. Through AMA’s, organizing events, and having a transparent business model, the team will foster the community and establish a strong connection with community members.

Onliners Treasure Vault

Onliners Metaverse will have a treasure vault where 15% of royalties collected from NFT sales will fund different activities that will facilitate the growth and encouragement of the community. There will also be NFT collections given away to the community, acquired through the percentage of the profits made on the platform.

Onliners Merchandise

Onliners Metaverse will collaborate with fashion brands to create merchandise, helping the community feel part of the project even when they aren’t in the metaverse.

Onliners Season 2

The second season will see the launch of all-new NFTs that are animated and have varying traits. Those who have participated in the community for some time or hold tokens will have a better chance of receiving these NFTs.

Onliners Charity

The project will establish a charitable organization allowing community members to contribute $50,000 to NGOs. These funds will provide more digital assets and opportunities to people in third-world countries.

This is just the beginning for Onliners Metaverse. They will continue to create fun online virtual games, enabling users to utilize their NFTs as an avatar with custom attributes, strengths, and abilities.

More importantly, personalized NFTs are an excellent way to reach a new market. Adding fun and accessible ways for users to interact with their tokens will have a much easier form of entering the space.

The collection Onliners Metaverse is launching and will have 8000 NFTs available to mint.

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