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The Concern of Nurturing Talent in the Metaverse

cryptoknowmics.com 18 May 2022 04:00, UTC
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Topics regarding the Metaverse have been on the buzz, and major companies keep joining the digital universe. The avatar-based universe allows interaction of individuals all over the globe through virtual reality (VR) and conducts activities similar to the real world. As such, the Metaverse requires merging the different technologies that will build another universe that is a digital imprint of the actual world. Technologies like virtual reality (VR), blockchain, mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) all make up the Metaverse. Keeping all that in mind, skilled talent is required to make the digital universe. The Metaverse relies on more skilled people than just designers and program developers. Major skills required involve application development, 3D modeling, graphic art, virtual human design, and game design. It's no longer a virtual ground for many gamers; the Metaverse has a high chance of going mainstream this year.

Talents in the Metaverse

Various skills will be required to make the Metaverse, and these include:

VR/AR Skills

Demand for VR and AR skills in the Metaverse ranks second in the entire globe. The Metaverse has six specific characteristics: immersion, openness, complete economic system, rich content production, sustainability, and sociality. Virtual reality brings about a degree of realism; as such, VR is a key technology in the existence of the Metaverse. Real users from all over the globe can enter the digital universe using VR.  Many VR jobs will be created, and skills fitting these opportunities will be employed. VR jobs such as VR application design, BR panoramic shooting, and 3D modeler are just part of the talents needed. 3D modelers have choices of being virtual persons apart from contributing to other industries. VR talent accounts for 18% of global demand for the skill in China, ranking second globally.

Blockchain Skills

Secured by decentralization and encryption, Blockchain is considered an open database model that is censorship-resistant. Blockchain has immutable ledgers that record and store information in blocks and share synchronized copies to all participating systems in the network. Concerns about nurturing blockchain talents are on the rise, with the Metaverse era focusing on blockchain adoption. The talents focus on blockchain algorithms, application, and platform development, among other skills.  The short supply of blockchain talents might be an issue that will hinder the growth of the Metaverse. Compound talents involving blockchain and other industries will be needed to improve the Metaverse features. Individuals and gamers will use blockchain features when using the Metaverse; as such, skills in the blockchain network will be required.

Artificial Intelligence

To connect virtual and reality, a set of talents is required in landing the Metaverse. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a useful tech that supports an infinite number of scenarios in the digital universe. There are three major AI elements, including computing power, algorithms, and data. As such, talents in artificial intelligence who have mastered skills in cloud computing, big data, computer vision, biometrics, and machine learning will be highly valued.  According to a report released in July 2021 by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the supply to demand ratio is at 1:10. It means that by 2025, there will be a gap in artificial intelligence talent. Quality and quantity of artificial intelligence talent cultivation is a key element in landing the Metaverse.

Digital Twin

A digital twin is a copy of the real world in the virtual universe. It means digitizing items in the real world and generating digital entities that correspond to them. Moreover, the primary idea of the Metaverse is to replicate a virtual state of the real world, including real characters, economic systems, and social forms. The digital twin technology requires multiple skills that include edge computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. It also requires a huge pool of talents related to application development, management, and design of related technologies.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is the foundation of the digital twin. Regardless, the demand for professionals in IoT has increased based on the attempts to accelerate social digitalization. Skills involved are cultivated talents in communication technology, wireless network sensing, and modern sensor technology.

Take Away

Communication technology is also an important part of the Metaverse infrastructure. However, there are numerous talents required in the Metaverse, and cultivating these skills will be crucial in landing the digital space. The Metaverse seeks to replicate the real world in a virtual world, implying that it's a creation of an entire universe. Skills in design, VR and AR, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technologies are part of the talents required in the Metaverse. Considering the digital world's data transmission requirements, stability, speed, and magnitude are reflected in the data transmission. The Metaverse is set to grow in the coming years, and this implies that a set of skilled talents will be needed to land the virtual world. 

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