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Floki Inu Launching Play To Earn Metaverse Game 'Valhalla Battle Arena'


thecryptobasic.com 05 February 2022 10:23, UTC
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Floki Inu (FLOKI) seems to fulfill its promises one by one.

Following the recent announcement of the partnership with TechTree to build the Premier Crypto Educational platform Floki University, the Floki team recently declared that they would launch the first playable Valhalla Alpha Testnet in February 2022.

#Floki to Launch Playable #Valhalla Battle Arena Alpha Testnet February, 2022https://t.co/X8TpPZJsOy

— Floki Inu (@RealFlokiInu) February 4, 2022

This launch will give Floki a significant first-mover advantage in a new market with an estimated worth eight trillion dollars in China alone, per Morgan Stanley:

“…… the nascent virtual space in China alone would become an $8 trillion market in the future — the same valuation fellow investment bank Goldman Sachs recently forecast the metaverse would be worth globally.”

According to the official medium blog post updated by Floki’s team, the die-hard fans of the Floki community (aka Floki Vikings) will be able to directly participate in the development of the entire Valhalla gaming metaverse via feedback at a critical point in the game’s development.

The team has also discussed some of the unique features available at launch for Valhalla Battle Arena Alpha Testnet. These features include:

  • “A prototype battle system involving two Vera (playable creatures): Bear Ver, Hat Vera.
  • Vera will move on a battlefield, making the game more intense, competitive, and tactical.
  • Vera’s moves will be location-based (e.g., not simply click and hit).
  • Vera will have up to five abilities, accessible through up-leveling.
  • Vera will have different personalities that affect hidden growth stats (these will be patched at a later date).
  • Vera will have three runes, each with a specifically associated ability (ultimate).
  • Kovan Testnet will be on optimism.”

The team also noted that people could use https://faucet.paradigm.xyz/ daily to accumulate tokens on testnet.

Shortly after launch, the features reported launching include Clan Subscription System, Leaderboard, Additional Vera, Additional Abilities, Additional Runes, and Additional Personalities.

The Floki team further noted that the prototype would be web-oriented. This decision is made so that early Floki adopters have the opportunity to play games on their desktops, integrated with MetaMask.

This playable Alpha is reportedly planned for testing purposes and is not the final version. For this reason, the feedback received from its community will be closely observed, and the Valhalla development team will update the game accordingly, including functionality and visual elements.

Jackie Xu (Lead Floki Developer) ‘said Valhalla will not be just another disjointed play-to-earn game — we’re ready to see what GameFi can do!’

Following the announcement, FLOKI’s price is seen to skyrocket over 26% for the day, and at the time of writing, the coin is trading at $0.00004345, with a 24-hour trading volume of $7,680,046.34, which increases 13.20% compared to the previous trading day.

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