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First-ever hunting Metaverse launched on Cardano


invezz.com 04 February 2022 14:43, UTC
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MetaShooter launched the first-ever decentralized blockchain-based hunting Metaverse on Cardano (ADA/USD), Invezz learned from a press release.

Fans of hunting will be able to experience real hunting as they play in tournaments, enjoy stunning visuals with VR compatibility on the platform, receive token rewards when they win, building towers, complete trophy collections, breed NFT dogs, and more.

Dynamic environments and stunning visuals

Community members will experience realistic dynamics, different environments, and stunning visuals on the platform. During their hunting trips, users will have a memorable experience.

MetaShooter’s team commented:

One of the goals of our team is to create a game that bridges the worlds of crypto and non-crypto. MetaShooter aims to modernize the hunting industry, which is a massive but niche market in the same way.

Customizable weapons

The platform leverages the resources of hunting and blockchain tech, two multi-billion-markets, to achieve this. On their marketplace, community members can find rare weapons such as the F44 Champion, FS Ultra Zoom Scope, Stock, or 25*39 Long Range or construct personalized weapons for better accuracy.

Improve hunting with NFT dogs

Users can also sell, melt, or forge NFTs. They can improve their hunting abilities with NFT dogs with unique hunting skills and senses that will help them track down their trophies effortlessly. This will boost their success chances considerably.

They will have the necessary tools to spot animals without alerting them, another feature that will increase productivity and success rates.

Community members can complement their hunting skills by building and upgrading towers that will not only make them undetectable, but also increase their visibility and shooting range. They can monetize hunting towers by renting them to other users if they don’t use them regularly.

Make revenue from breeding NFT dogs

Hunters can breed NFT dogs and sell them to other hunters for a profit. The revenue will supplement their hunting income.

Hunters aren’t limited to a hunting location. They are free not only to hunt anywhere, but also experience stunning visuals and environments through MetaShooter. They can buy NFT lands and begin their hunting journey while making money.

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