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EverdreamSoft Announces Premium LAND Sale Around the EverdreamSoft Estate, in The Sandbox


thenewscrypto.com 03 February 2022 15:10, UTC
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Blockchain game pioneer and developer EverdreamSoft has announced the sale of unique Premium LAND surrounding the EverdreamSoft Estate, a six-by-six-foot piece of land in The Sandbox that may be used to create various intriguing structures. As early adopters of blockchain technology for gaming and digital collectibles, EDS has been a trailblazer in this area since 2014, although launched in 2010 in Zurich. It is well known for being the creator of first blockchain game, Spells of Genesis.

The sale will begin on February 10th. Members of The Sandbox will be able to buy digital real Estate that gives them access to special NFTs from EverdreamSoft and its Sandbox neighbors. This gives them total control over how they utilize and pass on their LAND and any additional NFTs they get, giving them complete ownership.

Upcoming Four Unique NFTs

As a tribute to the prominent Bitcoin trader that depressed the crypto market in 2014 with his enormous account, EverdreamSoft has reserved their iconic and unique BearWhale NFT for LAND purchasers. The Sandbox marketplace will soon offer four other NFTs with similar themes, such as “Satoshi, Creator of Blockchain,” “Sir of Ether,” and others.

Shaban Shaame, founder and CEO of EverdreamSoft, said:

“The Sandbox is at the forefront of the Metaverse and shapes the future of decentralized creativity,” He further added, “The EverdreamSoft’s land will allow Spells of Genesis’ iconic world to expand into an exciting 3D metaverse. The collaboration with Sandbox will push the world of Spells of Genesis to a fascinating new dimension.” 

ERC-721 tokens represent plots of The Sandbox territory in an open-world 3D voxel game, which may be explored and owned in the form of LAND, which can be purchased with the tokens. 3D assets (characters, animals, buildings and so on) may now be added to a player’s LAND. Users may also make money by charging visitors or organizing activities.

Premium LANDs on the gaming platform are also available, and they get a lot of traffic since high-quality partners, and social centers surround them. A 6×6 piece of real Estate near Blackpool is where EverdreamSoft comes in with its Estate, including Apes of Space, eToro and Mad Mecha.

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