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Meta Starts Developing Fastest AI Supercomputer for Upcoming Metaverse - TheNewsCrypto


thenewscrypto.com 25 January 2022 06:10, UTC
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  • One of Meta’s main goals is to develop new neural networks.
  • Meta didn’t reveal the computer’s location or the expenditures.

Newly formed AI “Research SuperCluster” (RSC) by Facebook’s parent corporation Meta will “pave the way” towards establishing Metaverse. According to a blog post published on January 24 announcing the hardware, Facebook thinks RSC is currently one of the fastest supercomputers globally and will take the top rank when it is fully operational in mid-2022. Meta didn’t reveal the computer’s location or the expenditures related to its research and construction.

According to Camilla Russo, a decentralized financial expert, the Ethereum network is already regarded as a worldwide “supercomputer” of sorts by some in the sector.

In a Facebook post, dated January 25, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said:

“The experiences we’re building for the metaverse require enormous compute power (quintillions of operations/second!) and RSC will enable new AI models that can learn from trillions of examples, understand hundreds of languages, and more.”

1,000 Fold Increase Required

According to the researchers, one of Meta’s main goals is to develop new neural networks that can do real-time speech translations for vast groups of individuals speaking multiple languages. Future computer infrastructure would need to increase 1,000-fold in order to support the Metaverse, according to Intel’s Vice President of Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Raja Koduri.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are often used in the Metaverse, which has been dubbed the next generation of the internet. Facebook changed its name to Meta in October to reflect its new direction away from social networking. Many giants have declared their interest and have already started developments in the metaverse sector.

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