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Chainlink Labs and LandVault Collab to Grow Web3 Metaverse Applications


cryptoknowmics.com 19 November 2022 10:42, UTC
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Chainlink Labs and LandVault have formed a channel alliance to speed the expansion of Web3 metaverse experiences. In order to enroll a young generation of enterprises, initiatives, startups, and innovators in Web3 metaverse platforms, Chainlink is enhancing the top-notch metaverse construction and consultation services with their sector-standard Oracle solutions. https://twitter.com/chainlink/status/1593590335954984960

Chainlink Labs - Top Decentralized Oracle Platform

The industry-standard Web3 services infrastructure, known as Chainlink, has facilitated billions of dollars worth of transactions in the DeFi, insurance, gambling, NFTs, and other significant industries. Chainlink, the industry's top decentralized oracle platform, offers multinational corporations a single point of entry to all blockchains and empowers developers to create feature-packed Web 3 applications with easy access to off-chain computation and real-world data.

The Objective of Collaboration

This collaboration intends to hasten the acceptance and expansion of the metaverse. While LandVault offers direct technical assistance and consulting services to metaverse initiatives in need of Chainlink services, Chainlink oracle services help new environment projects from an infrastructure and development perspective. Together, these two form two complementing components that are ready to usher in a new age of widespread acceptance of metaverse technologies. Sam Huber, the CEO of LandVault, stated that in the most extensively used Web3 sectors, such as NFTs and metaverse apps, Chainlink plays a crucial role.

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