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Klaytn Foundation Director Believes Web2 Adoption is Key to Metaverse’s Success


cryptoknowmics.com 08 August 2022 12:23, UTC
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Sam Seo, the director of the blockchain Klaytn Foundation, believes that if Web2 companies incorporate the technology into their goods and services, the metaverse will be more widely adopted. Speaking at the Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) on August 8, Seo indicated that Web3 Metaverse projects struggle to draw in a broad audience because regular people frequently fear embracing new technologies from unrecognized organizations. https://twitter.com/klaytn_official/status/1556477722905284608

Klaytn's Blockchain Hosting Metaverse

One of the most prominent initiatives of its kind in South Korea, Klaytn's blockchain is primarily intended for hosting Metaverse, GameFi, and creative economy apps. Seo stated that the team aims to ramp up its transaction throughput while simultaneously lowering the cost of transaction fees during a presentation at KBW.  He added that they have the intelligence to understand that some users are still reluctant to utilize this platform since they must pay a fee to access it. Therefore, gas prices should be as low as feasible to allow visitors to enter this space, which is why they're working to lower gas prices. Additionally, Seo disclosed that Klaytn would release an open-source Metaverse package containing builders' tools to support blockchain development later this year.

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