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Binance Institutional Launches Binance Fund Manager

www.binance.com 06 July 2022 12:55, UTC
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Binance Institutional is introducing Binance Fund Manager, which allows institutional clients who manage multiple funds or subsidiaries to aggregate their trading volume and BNB holding balance across multiple accounts for additional privileges, while maintainingindependent account functions.
Upon entity verification and approval,all related accounts will enjoy better privileges if they qualify for a higher VIP level, including:
  • Lower trading fees and loan interest
  • Higher limits on trading, withdrawals, and sub-accounts
  • Access to premium customer services and analytics
Binance Fund Manager offers customized solutions and a smoother onboarding process for new clients with multiple funds or subsidiaries, existing clients adding new funds or subsidiaries, and existing clients aggregating onboarded accounts.
  • The shared VIP level will be updated on the next business day after registration approval.
  • If one of the master or sub accounts is currently a liquidity provider, then its trading fees will be adjusted separately under the respective liquidity program. Referral ratio and launchpad status for individual master accounts are not impacted by the aggregated BNB holding balance.
  • Binance reserves the right to the final approval of account-binding, in line with internal requirements.
To register for Binance Fund Manager, please contact your Key Account Manager or fill in this form.
Unlock Binance Fund Manager Today!

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