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Samsung Launches All-in-One Digital Wallet for Storing Crypto, Cards, and More

coinfomania.com 16 June 2022 12:14, UTC
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Leading South Korean smartphone maker Samsung has launched a one-stop wallet to store cryptocurrencies and other digital information, according to a Monday announcement.

Samsung Launches All-in-One Digital Wallet

The wallet, dubbed Samsung Wallet, will allow Galaxy users to store everything they need for their digital lifestyle, including identification cards, credit cards, passwords, digital keys, boarding passes as well as membership cards in an easy-to-use mobile application.

According to the announcement, the new wallet will integrate both Samsung blockchain and SmartThings, enabling users to explore the world of cryptocurrency and monitor their portfolios on different exchanges in a single app while storing other essential data. 

For now, though, the wallet is only available for Galaxy users residing in the U.S., the U.K., and some European countries like Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. 

Commenting on the development, Jeanie Han, the Chief Medical Officer and Head of Digital Life at Samsung Electronics, noted that the company plans to extend the use cases of the wallet later. 

“Samsung Wallet is bringing a new level of everyday convenience to mobile devices in a safe and secure environment for storing digital keys, cards, and more. As part of our ongoing commitment to open ecosystems, we will continue to expand on the capabilities of Samsung Wallet by working closely with our trusted partners and developers,” she said. 

The new Samsung Wallet is a modification of its initial release back in 2013, built to store information online. Samsung later redesigned the app in 2015, incorporating both Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass, which handled payment cards and password storage. 

Today, the Samsung Wallet is designed to execute different services in one application, including cryptocurrency. 

Samsung Supports Crypto Transactions

As a global electronics manufacturer with numerous products on the market, the company entered the blockchain space through the Galaxy S10 series in February 2019. At the time, the smartphone was designed to support major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The same year, the company launched a similar product supporting 33 cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and USDC stablecoin. 

In 2020, the electronic producer partnered with one of the leading crypto exchanges, Gemini, to enable users to trade and store cryptocurrencies effectively with their smartphones. 

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