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Bitfinex and Ethfinex Now Lists Six Different Stablecoins


btcmanager.com 03 December 2018 10:00, UTC
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Bitfinex and Ethfinex, two leading digital asset exchanges, now enable clients to trade all six major stablecoins on both exchanges in an attempt to create coin agnostic platforms, the companies announced in a Medium post on December 4, 2018.

Six Stablecoins Now Available for Trading on Bitfinex

Starting on December 4, 2018, customers of Bitfinex and Ethfinex will be able to trade all six major stablecoins on both exchanges.

According to the company’s Medium post announcing the news, all stablecoins on Bitfinex and Ethfinex will be traded against the U.S. dollar. The USD Coin (USDC), Paxos Standard Token (PAX), True USD (TUSD), and the Gemini Dollar (GUSD) are all new additions to the exchange, joining Tether (USDT) and Dai (DAI).

Bitfinex is considered to be a pioneer when it comes to stablecoin adoption, as it was the first to introduce Dai, an Ethereum collateralized stablecoin, onto its platform. The company said that deposits and withdrawals for the four newly added stablecoins would be limited only to verified traders.

The announcement continues Bitfinex’s heritage of providing a neutral, coin-agnostic platform. Earlier in November, the exchange introduced USDT/USD and EURT/EUR Tether trading pairs, enabling their users to trade Tether-fiat directly on their platform.


This replaced the previous 1:1 conversion on deposits and withdrawals provided by Bitfinex and reflected the increasing range of choice in the stablecoin market and customer demands.

Increased Market Demand for Stablecoins

Created in 2014, Tether was the only stablecoin available to traders for years and was a response to a clear market need to allow movements of funds quickly between different exchanges while benefiting from the stability of the U.S. Dollar.

Following the boom Tether saw in 2017, the skyrocketing demand caused the stablecoin market to expand, with five alternatives launching since March 2018 rapidly. With around $186 billion, stablecoins are currently the fastest growing sector of the crypto market.

Questions about legitimacy and true value have been contributing factors in the plummeting price of cryptocurrencies and tokens, and have been directly responsible for the rise of stablecoins. With the trust in Tether withering in 2018, the increase in the number of stablecoins available is has been a welcome reprieve for crypto traders.

Worldwide, stablecoins in their fundraising ICO phases have attracted millions of dollars’ worth of investment from reputable multinational corporations. This proves that stablecoins are a respected alternative to traditional banking, valued for their reliable software that leaves no room for error.

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