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Bittrex Adds Two New Coins IOST and XNK to It’s US and International Markets


blokt.com 23 November 2018 05:30, UTC
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Bittrex users will now be able to trade in two new cryptocurrencies, XNK and IOST. The first currency XNK which is designed for decentralized marketplaces will be available on the US-based ‘Bittrex.com.’ While IOST, the native coin for a new decentralized project will be available on European-based ‘Bittrex International.’

IOST Listing on Bittrex.Com

The exchange announced on Twitter:

“New Listing Update: Bittrex International will launch IOST (IOST), and trading will begin shortly on http://international.bittrex.com/. For more information about IOST (IOST) visit: https://iost.io/ $IOST.”


IOST is a high TPS, scalable new blockchain that can be put to global use without comprising the integrity of the network. It works on the “Proof-of-Believability” consensus mechanism and faster grade Byzantine Fault Tolerance mechanism. It can provide higher transactions per second and can be scaled to handle an ever-growing number of transactions globally. The validators in the network also take the benefit of reduced storage needs and lower configuration costs.

The project currently has 72 developers and 44607 active wallets. The coin is priced at $0.005773 with a total market cap of over $69 million. Over 12 million coins of the scheduled hard cap of 21 million are currently in circulation, according to CoinMarketCap data.

XNK Listing on Bittrex.Com

Announcing the listing of XNK, Bittrex wrote:

“New Listing Update: The $XNK market is open, and trading will begin shortly on https://bittrex.com/. For more information about Ink Protocol (XNK) visit: https://paywithink.com #Bittrex #XNK.”

Ink Protocol or XNK is the transaction currency of the Listia marketplace with over 10 million users that sells everything from clothing to collectibles. The currency removes uncertainty for the buyers while providing escrow-based payment services over a decentralized network. Ink Protocol can be made a part of almost any marketplace, but it doesn’t necessarily need this structure to survive. It also enables peer-to-peer transactions.

Per CoinMarketCap, XNK was trading at $0.014567 with a market cap of over $2.8 million. More than 193 million of the designated 500 million XNK coins are currently in circulation.



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