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Ripple Partner ACI Worldwide Joins EBANX in Making New Payment Solutions for Latin America


u.today 28 August 2020 05:50, UTC
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Business Wire has reported that ACI Worldwide (which has used RippleNet since 2019) and major supplier of electronic payments software in Latin America, EBANX, have signed a partnership deal to improve the online payments ecosystem in Latin American countries.

They intend to offer global businesses and local residents new payment options, including via credit cards, installments, etc.

Expanding electronic payment variety in the region

The global leader in providing software for electronic payments, ACI Worldwide, has teamed up with Brazil-based EBANX, which powers digital transactions for foreign merchants who expand into Latin America. Among their customers is the heavyweight AliExpress.

Together, they want to expand the set of online payment methods for local residents to purchase goods offered by international companies.

The cooperation of the two will allow merchants in various Latin American countries to make sales using a large variety of payment options, thanks to the payment solution ACI Secure eCommerce.

EBANX to let ACI customers enter Latin America

The goal of the partnership is to allow numerous ACI customers to enter Latin America's market. EBANX will help them accept payments in local currencies in a fast and secure manner, including payments made via credit cards.

EBANX CCO Henrik Nilsmo pointed out that electronic payments and shopping in the region are now becoming more popular since more users now have internet access.

Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic is also encouraging people to avoid physical money and driving them to using digital payments instead.

About ACI Secure eCommerce

This solution provided by ACI Worldwide works with payments and helps merchants to prevent fraud. It enables businesses to work with the major network of global payments, which includes international transactions and solutions for online transactions in different regions.

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