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BTG Pactual Launches Crypto Trading App Mynt


coingape.com 30 October 2021 20:13, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

A Brazilian investment bank, BTG Pactual has started rolling out an app that can be used in trading crypto. While the app will feature many Altcoins, customers of the bank may also use the app to make direct crypto-based investments.

As it stands at the moment, users of the bank’s Mynt platform can only buy BTC and Ether. But over time, BTG Pactual will be hoping that the new app can support many more crypto assets.

Speaking about the rollout, the bank’s head of virtual assets, Andre Porthilo also confirms that expectations are high for the platform to support more crypto trades soon.

Meanwhile, the CEO of the investment bank, Robert Sallout has said that the app rollout is in line with the demands of their customers. He revealed that many of their customers had indicated interest in cryptocurrency investment. Therefore, it was only right that the bank did right by the customers, by providing them with access to do so.

BTG Pactual To Hold Cryptocurrency Training

There is no doubts that the crypto industry continues expanding and growing in popularity, especially with El Salvador adopting BTC as a legal tender. However, a vast majority of people still don’t understand how the industry works or operates. This is why BTG Pactual is aiming to provide training focused on cryptocurrency education, especially for its users.

According to the CEO, the bank is left with no choice, but to educate its customers about the technology and then, about every other available cryptocurrency assets in the financial markets.

Before launching Mynt, the investment bank already has a dominant presence in the Brazilian market. Having earlier launched a security token, ReitBZ, that was backed with real estate, the bank had been spending time analyzing digital assets.

It is worthy to note that no other investment bank has done what BTG Pactual has done — allowing its customers to invest directly into crypto.

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