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Binance Upgrades Its USD-Margined Futures Liquidity Provider Program for VIP Clients

source-logo  blockchainreporter.net 01 June 2023 08:59, UTC

The top crypto exchange Binance has made another significant move to better serve its consumers. The platform has recently announced an exclusive upgrade. As the company revealed, it is launching the upgrade of its USD-Margined Futures Liquidity Provider Program. The respective upgrade would potentially be beneficial for VIP customers.

Binance’s Latest Program Aims at Providing Benefits to VIP Users

The crypto exchange took to Twitter to share the news of this exclusive development. The company noted on its official account that the eligible consumers will be permitted by the platform to qualify for the respective project. They will be allowed by the project to participate with decreased requirements concerning the maker volume.

In addition to this, the crypto exchange also published a blog post on its official web portal. The company mentioned in the post that the requirements for ETH and BTC would be different. The crypto exchange mentioned that the aforementioned cryptocurrencies would be excluded from the respective requirements. It provided details about the upgrade.

The platform disclosed that it will take into account the inclusion of one additional qualification option concerning the maker volume proportion of Weekly USD-Margined Futures. In this respect, the firm said that the consumers will be enabled to qualify for the project by fulfilling 3 requirements. The first requirement is the Weekly USD-M Futures-related maker volume proportion.

The Crypto Exchange Claims to Offer Regular Reports on the Project

The 2nd requirement of Binance also deals with the volume percentage however it excludes the volume in the case of the trading pairs of ETH and BTC. The 3rd requirement is related to the quoting ranking. While moving on, the crypto exchange brought to the front that the platform would offer weekly and regular reports to offer additional details.