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Aphelion Wallet DEX adds support for bitcoin (BTC)


www.cryptoninjas.net 05 August 2019 12:00, UTC
Reading time: ~2 m

Aphelion, a decentralized NEO based P2P cryptocurrency trading platform, today announced its latest release with version 4.0.1, which has added support for bitcoin into all functionalities of the wallet.

The wallet is available now on GitHub for Windows/Mac/Linux desktops (the Aphelion team will be moving the BTC update/integration into mobile and web versions in the coming days and weeks).

Next up, the Aphelion team reports that ERC20 integration is nearly complete and is expected to be released later this month.

This updated version includes the following release notes:

  • Added support for bitcoin
  • Including dashboard, recent transactions, token stats, send/receive, history & assets pages
  • Generate a new Hierarchical Deterministic (HD wallet) for every bitcoin transaction
  • Integrate Bip32 mnemonic passphrase for BTC wallet backup
  • Allow BTC wallet import with mnemonic passphrase backup

BTC Dashboard Support

Some important points to note:

  • Ledger is not updated for bitcoin, but still works with NEO
  • For existing NEO wallets, when users update to version 4.0.1 they will be auto-assigned a BTC address and mnemonic phrase available on the settings page under BTC backup
  • BTC send and receive addresses are Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) which means they change after every transaction for increased security and privacy
  • For users logging in the NEO private keys (WIF, Encrypted) they will also be assigned a new BTC address and mnemonic phrase
  • For creating new wallets users will get both new NEO back up keys and BTC mnemonic phrases (make sure to safely backed up all private keys shown during the new wallet creation process, keeping only one (NEO) or the other (BTC mnemonic) won’t be enough to save both of those asset classes.
  • Its a known issue that “remove wallet” in settings is broken on this release, and will be fixed on next update.
  • For sending BTC, network fees are calculated automatically and displayed in the UI so users will have to send a fraction less of available BTC for the transaction to complete; otherwise, users will see an insufficient funds error (the team is currently are working on better UI for this element in future releases)

Visit the 4.0.1 GitHub for more information on this release.

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