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Crypto.com Pay To Launch New Recurring Payments Feature


coinquora.com 02 September 2021 19:52, UTC
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  • Crypto.com Pay is launching its new recurring payments feature.
  • This feature will simplify subscription lists for merchants’ products and services.
  • Customers can pay instantly by choosing from over 20 cryptos.

Crypto.com Pay is launching its new recurring payments feature. This feature will simplify the process of creating a curated list of subscription products and services for all the merchants on the platform.

In detail, the beta launch for this feature is now ready. Now, merchants on the platform can easily introduce subscriptions for their services and products. In fact, they can also begin to accept periodic payments from their customers at ease and with no additional costs.

To add on, this feature is an entirely automated enhancement. It is a process that offers as a variant to the features available in the industry at present. Once the feature is set up, users will see that all recurring payments will be taken directly from a chosen Crypto.com app wallet.

Specifically, this setting will remain so, until the subscription period comes to an end. As a whole, this brings more convenience and flexibility to both the merchants and their customers. Thus, Crypto.com Pay is offering a win-win payments feature to its users.

To elaborate, merchants can begin by creating a curated list of subscription services and products. More so, they can even configure billing periods as well as sale prices from their Dashboard.

On the side of the customers, they can settle their payments by choosing to pay from over 20 cryptos. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), and Crypto.com Coin (CRO). They can pay via the Pay feature on the Crypto.com app.

Crypto.com Pay offers zero transaction fees and just 0.5% for settlements. This marks 80% savings on fees next to any other payment processor. Also, the new recurring payments feature only takes a few minutes for merchants to set up.

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