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QuickSwap Brings Liquidity Pool Rewards With Unreal Finance’s UGT


coinquora.com 02 September 2021 18:05, UTC
Reading time: ~3 m

  • Unreal Finance’s token, UGT, is now trading on QuickSwap.
  • The available trading pairs are UGT/ETH and UGT/QUICK.
  • UGT hodlers can now begin to earn rewards from liquidity pools.

Unreal Finance’s governance token — UGT is now available on QuickSwap. Users on the platform can now trade UGT. So far, there are two trading pairs available — UGT/ETH and UGT/QUICK.

To be specific, Unreal is launching its yield futures platform on the Polygon network. This will give users on the platform the chance to lock in fixed interest rates for lending and borrowing. However, even before the protocol launches, Unreal enthusiasts can now trade UGT on QuickSwap – Polygon’s biggest layer 2 DEX. Enabling UGT trading on layer 2 lowers the barrier to entry for DeFi by allowing users to buy, sell, and trade the asset for next-to-zero gas fees.

To support the latest protocol to announce their imminent launch on Polygon, QuickSwap is incentivizing liquidity providers with liquidity mining rewards. Specifically, QuickSwap is giving 5 QUICK per day to LPs for each of the incentivized pairs.  At QUICK’s current price, that’s a total of nearly $6000 per day. While Unreal provided the seed liquidity for the two pairs, a vast majority has since been added by the QuickSwap and Unreal communities who are eager to earn their share of APYs that are currently in excess of 40,000%.

In addition to QUICK rewards, liquidity provides will also enjoy their share of 0.25% from the trading fees on the pair that they LP for. Those rewards are regularly dispersed in the two assets of the chosen pool and auto-compounded. 

And if the excessive APYs for LPing these two pairs aren’t enticing enough, maybe the knowledge that QUICK holders can stake their earned QUICK in QuickSwap’s single-asset staking platform – the Dragon’s Lair – to earn an additional 21% will be. On top of everything, QUICK stakers can also use their dQUICK (QUICK’s staked representative token) to farm additional rewards in the DEX’s newly-launched Dragon’s Syrup program, earning up to 40% APY.

To sum things up, QuickSwap and Unreal Finance have teamed up to offer their tokens’ holders a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to generate the kind of wealth that would make a Rockefeller blush. Imagine if these APYs were to continue. $1000 in one of these UGT pools today, could be more than $400,000 in a year, plus the added yield from staking QUICK and dragon’s syrup rewards. Unfortunately,  returns like this won’t last for long. Still, UGT’s potential for appreciation is immeasurable, particularly as the platform intends to launch its yield futures platform on Polygon – as well as other EVM-compatible chains – in the very near future.

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