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ERN, The Native Token of Ethernity Soars After Messi Auction and Listing on OKEx


coinpedia.org 24 August 2021 08:44, UTC
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Rare and collectible NFTs are taking the world by storm, raising more money than ever before. This can be witnessed by the recent listing of the Messi Private Collection on one of the leading NFT platforms, Ethernity Chain, which specializes in authenticated NFT art and private collections.

Ethernity Chain have been hosting auctions for some of the most salubrious and sought-after collections. These span the world of celebrities and sports stars, including the most recent auction for Messi’s Private Collection, which has raised an incredible $5 since its launch last week. This boosted the native token behind the platform up by 40% to trade at $12.69. It is now trading at over $21, at the time of writing.

And yet, this is the mere icing on the cake for a platform that has now seen its native token, ERN listing on one of the leading digital exchanges, OKEx. OKEx, which launched in 2017 which offers both basic and margin trading to meet the needs of all levels of traders. It offers perpetual contracts, futures trading, and options trading to the more experienced trader and simple to understand platform for the newbies. It also offers training through its academy to help novices kick off in the world of trading. It offers some of the lowest fees for crypto trading in the market.

What is the ERN?

It’s latest listing is the ERN token, which represents the success of the NFT platform and the industry at large, which is seeing more daily trading volume, than the whole of 2020 combined. 

NFTs which can be bought and sold on platforms like Ethernity Chain’s are authenticated directly on the blockchain. This makes them tamper-proof and unimpeachable to human intervention. Additionally, their decentralized nature means that data is stored on a huge network of computers (nodes), rather than through a single server, which makes NFT art and the data behind them very difficult to hack.

If you are interested in collectibles from some of the most notable names, then watch Ethenrity Chain for their latest drops, and you can now trade their token, the ERN on OKEx platform.

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