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The community shouts scam on Cryptopia shutdown: 'Shame on you'


www.chepicap.com 15 May 2019 09:10, UTC
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New Zealand-based crypto exchange, Cryptopia just released an official announcement that they will be shutting down the business for good.

Another major crypto player has to bite the dust. After a series of unfortunate events, crypto exchange Cryptopia has announced their shutting down the business for good.

The crypto community’s reaction to the announcement vary, some accusing of the New Zealand-based of becoming a scam artist, saying things like, “Stealing. Just dragging it out and using finely crafted legal terms for it.”

Hahaa see what did I say. These guys were a scam from the very beginning. Bloddy hell. Shame on you @Cryptopia_NZ https://t.co/gbGZSoPTaW

— Crypto Nuby (@cryptonuby) May 15, 2019

Yup i fuckin knew it. EXIT SCAM. Oh well at least we know now. Remember this moment everyone. Not your keys, not your crypto....

— Dave (@rocker_2000) May 15, 2019

Some others, who happen to be users are questioning the funds they have left on the platform.

“You should open up wallets then so those of us who did not have our coins stolen can remove our stuff from your Exchange,” said user Crypto Life.

But, not all are tweeting harsh comments about it. Those who had good memories with the crypto exchange expressed how they’re going to miss Cryptopia.

“Hahh Cryptopia u will be missed badly. I will miss making 5K usd on your exchange in like 10 minutes. Need another p&d exchange like you,” user Crypto Shah said.

Or as another user tweeted, ““I always look on the bright side so I would like to say good things about Cryptopia and how its not their fault....but as an entire team this was handle so extremely poorly and unprofessional at every turn.”

Meanwhile, there are those who compare what happened to Cryptopia with Binance, who also just experienced a major hack.

Life is harsh and not sure if what Cryptopia just did is a transparent thing.

I'm just glad we have people like @cz_binance and exchanges like @binance that demonstrate how problems could be surpassed in a transparent and effective manner. https://t.co/C8wYVgdzU7

— dr maxx planck (@gxxgravity) May 15, 2019

lol Binance is here conversing with us during the maintenance and @Cryptopia_NZ hasn't said a word on twitter to us since April 26th. What a difference huh... Fail Cryptopia fail...

— Joey Rocket Cryptos ₿ 🚀🌛 (@TeamJoeyRocket) May 15, 2019

Cryptopia’s chapter is almost done, but there will still be some stories as to how the shutdown will proceed following the announcement. As user @blueruffe said, “Question is what happens to the 100 million dollars still on the exchange.”

It was a good run.

— notsofast (@notsofast) May 15, 2019

Get ready for those lawsuits boys 😂

— Cryptonext (@cryptonext) May 15, 2019

So in other words I was completely shafted by your #shitcoin exchange. #Shananigans

— CryptoKid (@666CryptoTrader) May 15, 2019

Please allow us to cancel our order and withdraw our coins - anything less is amount to stealing

— JFKForex (@JFKForex) May 15, 2019


— Roberto (@Bob2788) May 15, 2019

Stick with Chepicap for further development on the Cryptopia's shutdown.

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