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BabyDoge Listed On The OKEx Exchange


www.cryptonewsz.com 17 August 2021 12:28, UTC
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There is exciting news for BabyDoge customers. BabyDoge had started as a project on BSC. It is now hinting at a possible cross-chain integration with an Ethereum bridge. 

BabyDoge’s new expansion announcement comes right on the heels of getting listed on the OKEx exchange last week. Since then, it has uploaded multiple tweets hinting at a new Ethereum launch. 

Another important announcement from BabyDoge is that it has been able to get over 550,000 token holders within the first 75 days. The BabyDoge community is in a state of excitement with so many new announcements and positive developments. 

Over the last few days, the BabyDoge valuation has fallen a little by 10.2%. At present, the price of BabyDoge is $0.000000001573. But this present price is still almost 1,548.1% higher than its price in June. 

But according to industry experts, this decrease in price is not very unique. The rapid rise in prices is often accompanied by a period of fall in the rates. But experts claim that BabyDoge has in fact done quite well and has been able to arrest its price decline. The new announcements are also expected to bring in another period of rapid price shoot-ups. 

BabyDoge describes itself as the ’son’ of Doge coin. It is like the hyper-deflationary version of Doge. BabyDoge utilizes the token economics principle of 5% of each transaction being distributed among token holders. 

BabyDoge is now embarking on a new phase of growth. Its listing on the highly popular cryptocurrency exchange OKEx is a major driving force behind its predicted expansion plans. The exchange is known for its large variety of trading pairs and competitive trading fees. To learn more about the pros and cons of listing on the exchange, read an OKEx review.

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