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Blockchain gaming project Ludos and Huobi launch EOS based exchange


www.cryptoninjas.net 01 March 2019 08:30, UTC
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Ludos, a purpose-built blockchain infrastructure project for the gaming community, and blockchain asset exchange company Huobi, today announced the coming launch of the DXB Dubai Exchange, scheduled to give on March 1st, 2019 (GMT+8).

DXB is a trading platform based on the EOS ecosystem. Under the premise of ensuring the security of platform assets, DXB will focus on providing open and transparent high-quality blockchain asset trading services to users around the world. DXB Exchange has the technical support of Huobi Cloud, operation management by Ludos Protocol and the resources of funds, consortia and family offices in the Middle East.


DXB is the world’s first trading platform uses Erlang / OTP as its core infrastructure. Erlang / OTP is a carrier-class platform for the switch business of Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson with system reliability of 99.9999999%. The platform modules based on the architecture (combined clusters, Web services, account systems, replenishment cash withdrawal operations, etc.) operate independently of each other. The distributed modular architecture gives the platform a higher level of security, scalability and operational efficiency.

The DXB hybrid cluster system can support thousands of fully parallel coupling engines running at full capacity at the same time. The system uses advanced memory coupling and data synchronization technology to achieve strong consistency of transaction data and an extremely robust failover and state recovery mechanism.

The carrier-class distributed platform of core architecture and fully parallel integration engine allows DXB trading system almost unlimited expansion, supporting thousands of currency and tens of billions of dollars of daily transaction volume, providing users with a solid and reliable high-level platform service.

Huobi technical team guidance

At the beginning of the DXB Dubai Exchange establishment, Ludos was working with the Huobi team along the side. After the launch of DXB Dubai Exchange, Ludos will share the in-depth transactions with the Huobi platform, and Huobi team will provide technical support and unified market data. Fortunately, with the assistance given by the Huobi team, DXB Exchange can detect and deal with the risks of registration, login, transaction, and coin withdrawal in real time.

Strictly selected module by DXB Exchange

The blockchain module of the DXB platform was strictly selected and it provides detailed user information and project progress tracking for the platform users. The audit team led by DXB CEO will screen the project according to strict auditing standards. DXB strive to ensure that the project on the platform has the necessary conditions for successful blockchain application, with commercial application value and development potential. The approved project represents that the project has been unanimously approved by the audit team, and the team will carefully control every investment of the user.

Connection: Dubai

  1. The Islamic Economic Bank will endorse the platform for the DXB Exchange. The President of the Islamic Economic Bank said it would provide risk control advice for DXB.2. Mobile payments based on DXB Dubai Exchange will be fully launched in Dubai in 2020. As a tax-free country in the UAE, DXB’s mobile payment will implement a real-time tax rebate module.
  2. DXB Dubai Exchange has established strategic partnerships with oil companies with royal backgrounds in the Middle East. After the DXB is officially launched, it will continue to improve the platform plan with the help of strategic partners when expanding the To B market in Dubai.

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