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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Meets with Senators to Promote Crypto Regulations

source-logo  coincu.com 13 June 2024 03:50, UTC

Key Points:

  • Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong lobbied Senators in D.C. for clear crypto regulations.
  • Coinbase is appealing a court decision supporting SEC authority over U.S. crypto exchanges.
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong was on Capitol Hill this week, meeting with more than a dozen Democratic and Republican Senators to advocate for clear regulations in the cryptocurrency industry.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Advocates for Clear Crypto Regulations in D.C.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shared an update on X, highlighting bipartisan momentum in the Senate following the House’s passage of the FIT 21 Act. He emphasized the importance of establishing clear rules and enhancing consumer protection in the crypto sector, noting the significant impact of crypto voters.

Coinbase has advocated for fair crypto policies in Washington, D.C., lobbying for inclusive regulatory treatment. This comes amid tensions with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler, who has initiated enforcement actions against Coinbase and other major industry players like Ripple and Kraken.

In a related legal battle, investors are closely watching for a court decision on Coinbase’s Motion for Interlocutory Appeal. This motion was filed after Judge Katherine Failla largely denied Coinbase’s Motion to Dismiss (MTD) in August 2023.

If granted, Coinbase could challenge the MTD ruling, which the SEC argues justifies its regulatory authority over U.S. crypto exchanges. A successful appeal by Coinbase might lead to increased pressure on the SEC from Capitol Hill regarding its stance on Ripple (XRP).

Political Engagement and Financial Contributions in Crypto Sector

Coinbase recently announced a $25 million donation to the pro-crypto super PAC Fairshake, aligning with contributions from Ripple and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. This financial backing underscores the industry’s efforts to influence crypto-friendly policies.

As legal proceedings unfold, the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election holds significant implications for the crypto market. Former President Donald Trump has been actively courting the crypto vote, while President Joe Biden’s campaign is reportedly in talks with the cryptocurrency sector about accepting donations through Coinbase Commerce, according to The Block.

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