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Craig Wright Might Have the Private Keys to Access His BTC Stash


www.livebitcoinnews.com 19 January 2020 15:00, UTC
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New details have emerged in the Craig Wright/ Ira Kleiman case. Reportedly, Wright has gotten a hold of the private keys that will potentially give him access to the secret bitcoin stash he’s been insisting exists for so long. He’s now ready to unlock those funds and hand over what he reportedly owes.

Will Craig Wright Hand His Money Over?

Lawyers for Craig Wright have told the United States District Court of the southern district of Florida that their client has obtained the keys from a third-party and that he can access the alleged fortune. Many people have often wondered if Wright’s self-assertion as Satoshi Nakamoto – the creator of bitcoin – was true, but this certainly points things in an interesting direction.

If Wright indeed has the keys and can access the pool of originally mined bitcoins, perhaps he wasn’t as off as some might think. Perhaps Wright really did have something to do with the creation of the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

The fight between Wright and Kleiman first arrived in court following the death of Kleiman’s brother Dave, who was an early bitcoin developer working with Wright during the primary days of the crypto industry. Dave passed away in the year 2013, and Wright – according to Ira – is potentially trying to cheat Dave’s family out of the deceased man’s bitcoin and cryptocurrency inheritance.

Kleiman has since entered a lawsuit against Wright and has won the case, with the ruling judge in Florida deciding that Wright should hand over half the bitcoin fortune he claims to possess. Wright ultimately commented that he wasn’t sure if he could ever get the keys necessary to access the bitcoin funds. The ruling court later said that Wright had until early February to work things out or he could be punished for further offenses.

Now, it seems like the saga may be coming to an end. Wright is expected to hand over roughly 500,000 bitcoin units (granted he truly has them) to Kleiman. This would equal approximately $4 billion in digital currency funds at the time of writing.

Wright is a cybersecurity expert from Australia that now calls London home. For well over a year, Wright has made claims that he is, in fact, Satoshi Nakamoto – the famed creator of the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market cap. These claims have often been met with skepticism from crypto enthusiasts all over the world.

I Am Satoshi!

Last June, Wright took another step in working to prove his words true when he took all his alleged “defamers” to court. These were people or individuals who outright denied that Wright was not Nakamoto and who referred to Wright as a two-bit hack. On Twitter, Wright explained:

This will give me the chance to prove my credentials in front of a judge, rather than being judged by Twitter.

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