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First Derivative P2E Game Brings Real-World Horse Racing to Web3

coinquora.com 20 April 2022 12:27, UTC
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Game of Silks (Silks) has recently disclosed that it already amassed $2M in funding, as well as its plans to secure additional funding through NFT public sales in the coming months. Crucial to the project’s success, has been the financial backing and strategic support of Tropical Racing — a multi-faceted thoroughbred horse breeding and racing company.

That said, Tropical Racing CEO and Silks Co-Founder — Troy Levy, shares his thoughts on this breakthrough:

The transaction announced today with Game of Silks represents a unique opportunity for Tropical Racing and our shareholders. We’re optimistic that this partnership has the potential to accelerate Tropical’s growth, while also introducing the thoroughbred horse racing industry to the next generation of sporting enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, Game of Silks Co-Founder and CEO Dan Nissanoff adds that he is excited to have a strategic investor like Tropical Racing as an early investor. He also comments, “They bring deep industry expertise and a valuable network critical to the execution of a derivative metaverse project like ours.”

In detail, Game of Silks is the first-ever derivative play-to-earn metaverse game that mirrors the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. It seeks to bring racehorse ownership to the public by utilizing real-time data, a play-to-earn approach, and Web3 technology.

Additionally, Silks will use a derivative model and a blockchain-based metaverse to digitally simulate and tokenize the premiere one-year-old thoroughbred racehorses registered in the US. Then after, these will be sold as NFTs dubbed as Silks Horses.

Furthermore, Silks Horse NFTs will track training progress, bloodlines, and racing performance of their real-world parallels. They will also give owners rewards for winning races and breeding offspring. Silks users can also own, trade, and interact with different in-game NFTs that mimic the thoroughbred horse racing industry, which includes Silks Land, Avatars, and Stables.

In other news, Silks is slated to release its first NFT series called Silks Genesis Avatar Collection on April 27.

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