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Nyan Heroes to the Rescue, Targets to Save a Billion Sheltered Cats


www.thecoinrepublic.com 07 January 2022 15:55, UTC
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  • Nyan Heroes, a cat themed P2E game, have targeted to rescue a billion from animal shelters all over the United States.
  • Nyan Heroes is a Battle Royale game that is still to be launched and is developed on the blockchain of Solana.
  • Nyan Heroes is at No. 4 in NFT projects on Solana in regards to 7 day volume, as per the data provided by Solana Art, having a market cap of $17.7 million and a seven day volume of $268,963.

Australian and Co-founder of Nyan Heroes, Wendy Huang, highlighted in an interview the charitable perspective of the organization that is on the move, alongside the details regarding the battle royale game.

The co-founder has been associated with the digital assets since 2016 and is a successful content creator, where the individual is involved in making Do it Yourself videos, pranks, music, as well as vlogs, and has around 14 Million youtube subscribers.

Saving Kitties

The move was driven by Max Fu, another co-founder, and her admiration towards the cats, as revealed by Wendy. She stated that they have an aspiration of saving a billion cats from the shelter homes through the charity donations produced from a piece of the NFT sales of the project.

The initial interest regarding saving the move was revealed by the organization back in December when the announcement was made that Nyan Heroes will be donating $250,000 from the sales of the initial airdrop to an NPO called Best Friends Society. According to Wendy, the move was one of the most heartfelt moments for her regarding the project.

Crypto saves lives!

Thank you @nyanheroes for your amazing donation of @ethereum for the animals! Their fundraiser raised $250,000 to help cats just like Pumpkin 🧡 ^ac pic.twitter.com/MTCKEYUTtp

— Best Friends (@bestfriends) January 3, 2022

Best Friends Society is a non-profit organization that provides a “no-kill” refuge for abandoned animals and works to reduce cat and dog fatalities in shelters around the United States. According to the organization, its “no kill” effort has aided in reducing the number of cats and dogs killed in shelters from 17 million to roughly 347,000 each year.

Huang explained that the gaming project would develop a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will allow participants to vote on how Nyan Heroes money will be distributed in the future.

A youthful hero DAO will be created. And one of the DAO’s jobs will be to decide where to contribute cash, to which animal shelter, and to what objectives in that arena,” she explained.


Nyan Heroes

A big stumbling barrier for P2E blockchain games, according to Huang, is their long-term viability. She claims that many P2E games rely on a steady influx of fresh players to stay successful and that they endure from players constantly cashing out and removing worth from the game.

The sustainability model for the Nyan Heroes is constructed off many factors such as the introduction of the stablecoins in the games to lower the volatility of the assets, NFT staking rewards, and a AAA gaming experience alike Fortnite, that has lured players who are willing to spend on the game.

As per Huang, they desire to introduce a better game where the players are genuinely into playing the game and contribute to its value, which will make a balance regarding the players that play the game to withdraw the value. She added that the tokens in the game will be stable to avoid any crashing or burning of tokens. This is how the players will remain loyal to the game. No one wants their coin to go from $1000 to $10 within a day.

Proudly introducing our new expanded team! With decades of experience in AAA studios like Riot Games, EA, Ubisoft and Respawn, our team is ready to take NH to new heights in 2022!

This is only just the beginning, you are here early. 🚀

The amazing team:https://t.co/0cmPgsaigh pic.twitter.com/3R3l18E3gO

— Nyan Heroes (@nyanheroes) December 29, 2021

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