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Land Gaming Mode to be Launched by Axie Infinity in a Bid


www.thecoinrepublic.com 07 January 2022 15:40, UTC
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  • Axie Infinity will no longer remain just a Pokemon game, as something new is on the way that will revolutionize the whole concept.
  • A completely new type of gameplay will be introduced for the NFTs of Axie that have pushed the activity in the previous year.
  • As of this writing, the indigenous token of Axie Infinity, AXS, was bearish by 6.67%, trending at the price of $79.90.

Battles & Quests

2021 was an excellent year for Axie Infinity. It was on the front line of the P2E revolution generated by the blockchains. A whopping $1.3 Billion revenue was generated by Axie in 2021, but the dress of remaining dominant in the P2E sector is high. Battles & quests will be the couple of modes in the game from now on, which will enable the players to earn digital assets, but the gameplay level was reprimanded for being buzzy.

The game that is played by the players today was created by very few individuals that are being judged at present for something they created back in 2019, said Jeffrey Zirlin, Axie’s growth lead. But the individuals are going to be stunned after watching something they’ve worked hard on.

As per Zirlin, this will be a massive opportunity to represent that art in one of the organization’s strengths. People can expect the upcoming update as the mash-up of CoC, Stardew Valley, and Rise of Kingdoms.


The Rival Army

The target date for the launch of the land wasn’t disclosed by Zirlin, but he is sure that it will emerge this year. That said, the complete game will not be revealed at once, and we can expect it to come in parts. The first part will include resources and land management, the second phase will be building skills, cooperation, and engaging socially, and in the last phase, it will become strategic, with battles.

For instance, it was represented in the blog posts that, how a couple of armies will be taking on each other in the game. Whitepaper of Axie also included that the globe is being threatened by invaders known as Chimera.

It is crucial to show the pliers that the universe of Axie infinity is not just a single game mode. It’s a complete gaming universe. It will be the initial instance of vertical interoperability, said Zirlin, which indicates that there will be multiple ways for handling Axie Asset. A software development will also occur, enabling players to construct in the universe of Axie.

Universe of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity’s vision is to make the land similar to Roblox, where experiences can be hosted by the players. Therefore, an ADK is being built by the team for simplifying the building experiences in the Axie universe.

There will be resources and products that the players would be able to find and earn from the products on land. These items can be traded similar to the Axis and its tokens.

As of this writing, the Market cap of Axie Infinity was $4.4 Billion, within 24 hours low of 6.67%, trending at $79.90.

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