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Play-To-Earn GameFi Models Brings Metaverse to Life, Mononoke Inu Shines Bright

coinquora.com 07 January 2022 13:14, UTC
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Play-to-Earn (P2E) GameFi models and metaverse have been tied up together in the blockchain gaming space. The metaverse orchestrates a shareable trait that aligns with the way the P2E model seeks to revolutionize the gaming sector through blockchain.

As the metaverse welcomes a wide array of innovations to foster a consumer-centric experience, the P2E model will revolutionize gaming in the metaverse. Through this, it will become popular to gain mainstream adoption.

Additionally, to supercharge this, there will be a direct usage of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for the metaverse economic framework. Gamers will enjoy a wide range of benefits in the metaverse as well. For instance,  players can collect crypto, NFTs, and other virtual assets while playing a variety of games immutably on the blockchain.

It’s worth mentioning that Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming models portray a huge advantage over the traditional gaming platforms. This synergy pushes its presence to the mainstream. Meanwhile, despite how metaverse games are competitive in function, many people still have taste for traditional gaming styles; including the old thrill of 2d experiences.

Among the P2E games, Mononoke Inu’s game stands out from the odd when it comes to performance. The Mononoke Inu combines P2E with traditional gaming. It does this by ensuring that users can play-to-earn outside of the metaverse.

Commonly known as “Wolf’s Moon”, Mononoke Inu is a 2D adventure game that enables gamers to play traditional games while enjoying GameFi opportunities.

Notably, the final launching date is yet to be announced from the Mononoke Inu team. At the moment, the only information available is that gamers can earn by playing the game. “pulling in rewards for successfully passing levels and crushing enemies they encounter. Players can also increase their earnings through power-ups.”

Wolf’s Moon has the Mononoke Inu community in mind and will incentivize players to its 2D platform via competitions. Gamers will partake in daily competitions with prizes available to the best players each day. In addition, the Ethereum-based game will feature NFTs that give collectors a higher chance of earning game rewards and finishing the daily competitions as one of the tops.

Best of all, Mononoke Inu provides GameFi opportunities for gamers. The game encourages its community members to contribute to the game with a strong effort. They hope to be the change they wish to see in the gaming sectors with the members.

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