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GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects


news.coincu.com 22 May 2023 07:36, UTC
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Mysten Labs arrived late to the blockchain gaming party, but the firm has funded $300 million and plans to offer high-end games on its Sui Layer 1 blockchain.

Sui, which debuted its mainnet on May 3 of this year, is not compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, unlike several other popular Web3 gaming networks (EVM). Mysten Labs thinks the Sui Network’s intrinsic gaming appeal will allow it to appeal to mainstream gamers based on its capacity to conduct transactions in parallel and expand up by adding more nodes to meet demand.

The initial wave of games introduced in the ecosystem during the first month of the Sui mainnet debut concentrated on speed rather than quality. The majority of the 13 games covered in this article are quite specialized, with just a few gaming communities boasting more than 10,000 members. Several developing teams’ situations are unknown, and their attraction to players is restricted. And games had a specific user base.

Gamers will get instant access to games created by Mysten’s developers, publishers, and ecosystems. The Sui project is based on the premise that not all blockchains are created equal.

Sui is a next-generation platform that enables professional game creators to offer new levels of player participation and agency while providing a seamless user experience. Its architecture is scalable, quick, and secure.

Beginning on May 15, these partners will release new games and experiences for consumers to enjoy weekly. Orange Comet: Final Stardust, Arrivant: Project Eluune, and Talofa: Run Legends will all make their debuts between May 15 and May 21.

Worlds Beyond, Lucky Kat: Cosmocadia, and Aether Games: Cards of Ethernity will be available from May 22 through May 28. Seascape: Mini Miners, Orange Comet: Degens & Dragons, Ghost Ivy: Haven’s Compass, and BlueJay: Arcade Champion will be available from May 29 to June 4.

Onenet: Bushi, Lucky Kat: Panzerdogs, and Orange Comet: The Walking Dead will be available from June 5 through June 11.

The Walking Dead title from Orange Comet is the company’s last release since it is the greatest entertainment brand that has supported Sui so far.

Let’s take a look at the notable titles coming to this blockchain with Coincu from major game publishers.

Orange Comet: Final Stardust, Degens & Dragons and The Walking Dead

According to records filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Orange Comet obtained roughly $7.2 million in equity financing in February of this year via the sale of shares and securities.

Orange Comet was founded in 2021 by Hollywood TV and film producer David Broome and Dante Ferrarini, who has over 20 years of expertise in interactive 3D design, animation, VFX, and rendering technologies. Orange Comet will launch three chain games on the Sui network: Final Stardust, Degens & Dragons and The Walking Dead.

Final Stardust is a 2D story-driven JRPG that tries to improve turn-based fighting systems by making them more dynamic and strategic. Utilize your skills, build new decks, seal new creatures, and enjoy an anime-style adventure. The first avatar collection will be online on the SUI blockchain on May 25, 2023, including limited edition avatars. The regular edition avatars will be available for purchase after they have sold out. Each avatar has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects

The board game Degens & Dragons has the same name as the well-known board game Wizards of the Coast. Due to fan and community objections, the latter prohibited NFT and other derivative Web3 material in mid-January of this year. Yet, at the end of the month, things had improved. Wizards of the Coast lifted limitations on derivative NFT projects after the community vehemently opposed the prohibition. Orange Comet has not yet revealed any information on Degens & Dragons, and no related material has been discovered on social media.

Orange Comet also created the open metaverse TWDL (The Walking Dead Lands) based on the world view of the TV show “The Walking Dead.”

Gamers may create and renovate land, buildings, and communities while earning prizes. To play the TWDL world, four NFT pieces are required: Vehicles, Avatars, Tools, and Weapons NFTs, as well as 50,000 plots with various qualities for players to possess. According to Orange Comet, the development of The Walking Dead project has gone behind the timeline, and a lot of work on the roadmap has not been fulfilled, so what version will be published on Thursday from June 5th to June 11th is still uncertain.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects

The Walking Dead: Lands is an original project made in conjunction with AMC Networks that will be released soon. Meanwhile, Comet Labs’ Degens & Dragons is an exciting original title. Final Stardust is also being created in collaboration with Kinzora and Comet Labs, offering an unparalleled gaming journey.

Arrivant: Project Eluune

Project Eluune: StarGarden by Arrivant is a free-to-play social game that allows users to establish tribes of 5-40 people, make new connections, build strong animals, trade, combat, and collaboratively restore a devastated planet.

StarGarden is based on Unreal Engine 5, the world’s most open and powerful real-time 3D production engine for photorealistic graphics and immersive experiences. StarGardens will be able to give players with a genuinely rich, vivid, and immersive environment that can compete with huge conventional games thanks to UE5.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects
GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects 12

Talofa: Run Legends

Talofa Games: Run Legends is a mobile application that transforms walking or running into a game by allowing you to compete in co-op fitness contests with friends from all around the globe.

Run Legends is a walking or running game in which you may unleash attacks and unique abilities. You may use these abilities to battle the evil Sappers who steal humanity’s energy. As you improve your fitness in real life, you may level up your gear, meet new people, and discover more about the world of Run Legends.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects

Worlds Beyond

Worlds Beyond is a community-focused creator platform that includes virtual world editing tools, auto-generation technology, and a library of digital materials to let artists create distinctive virtual experiences rapidly. All players that join the Worlds Beyond ecosystem are expected to engage in the platform experience through an avatar/avatar. Players may choose an avatar from the Beyonders Avatar Collection.

Several Web3 PFP avatars are also included in the Worlds Beyond ecosystem. This avatar allows relevant NFT holders to access the game. These avatars will perform certain duties and contribute to the ecosystem. Those who do not wish to pay money may play the basic avatar for free as an extra benefit.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects

Lucky Kat: Cosmocadia

Cosmocadia is a gaming project on Sui. Think Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing. Work with other players to improve the land using in-game assets that users own. It will be available on web and mobile, starting with web.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects

Aether Games: Cards of Ethernity

Cards of Ethernity (CoE) is a digital collectable competitive card play-and-earn game set in the Aether, a dark fantasy setting. The Cards of Ethernity (CoE) game was released on the Sui and Polygon blockchains. The game presently has 150 collectable cards, and players may use the in-game collection browser to develop and explore their card collections, as well as freely trade and sell their cards. New cards may be gained by the purchase of NFT drop packs, the use of the in-game money AEG tokens, or through crafting. Sui will be launched by CoE from May 22 to May 28.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects

Seascape: Mini Miners

Mini Miners is a free Web 3 game to play. You are in command of a mining company in this fictitious universe. You direct your miners to go to one of the three mines and extract the important resources needed for the maintenance and growth of your business.

According to the official announcement, Binance, JRR Crypto, Spark Capital, LD Capital, and other institutions have invested. Crowns is Seascape’s primary value token, the foundation of its proposed DeFi and NFT games, where CWS is applied to the Ethereum mainnet and pCWS is the official bridge token on the BSC Binance Smart Chain through PolyNetwork.

Mini Miners is a free BNB Chain strategy game. In this fictitious environment, players will be in command of a mining corporation, issuing mining orders to miners in order to harvest precious commodities required to operate and build your business. Gamers may improve their game by buying resource packs and miners, employing managers, unlocking pets, and so forth. Once a week, the collected gold may be swapped for CWS. Sui will be listed on Mini Miners from May 29 until June 4.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects

Ghost Ivy: Haven’s Compass

Ghost Ivy created Haven’s Compass, a first-person tactical shooter game. It focuses on a fast-paced shooter where your response time is vital, but being tactical is also important.

The ultimate version of the game will have both multiplayer and single-player modes, with each character having their own tale to concentrate on! Your character’s spine may be improved for superhuman abilities that will set you apart from other gamers.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects

BlueJay: Arcade Champion

Arcade Champion is a new spin on vintage arcade classics in terms of gameplay. Traditional minigames for one or more players in a competitive context are combined with novel elements such as NFTs and play-to-own features in the game.

It is built on a hero-based system, with NFTs symbolizing the individual heroes of the participants. These NFTs are essential in both single-player and two-player modes, helping players to rack up more points and cash on their road to arcade dominance. They have the ability to be improved, exchanged, and merged.

GameFi Reviews: Sui Blockchain Upcoming Interesting Game Projects

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