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Get in Web3 Shape With Walken' s Hyper-Casual Game Walken...


cryptodaily.co.uk 18 October 2022 13:15, UTC
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Earning rewards while exercising will lead many people to a healthier lifestyle. Walken, one of the entrants in the play-and-exercise-to-earn segment, will launch its first hyper-casual game soon. Walken Runner will feature the CAThletes and give players more empowerment options.

Walken Runner Is Almost Here

The Walken ecosystem has been off to a good start. An initial sale for the CAThletes NFTs has proven successful several weeks ago. Under this project's banner, those NFTs will provide access to the up-and-coming games. The objective is to get many people into play-and-exercise routines while introducing earning mechanics.

Walken Runner is the first hyper-casual game under the Walken banner. The ecosystem's CAThletes will display their athletic skills. In addition, players can interact with various activities on the path to leading a healthier lifestyle. All players can benefit from the native incentives, fun, and entertainment. More importantly, no equipment or knowledge is required to participate in the games.

Walken CEO Alexei Kulevets adds:

"We are proud of the current traction of the Walken project and inspired to move on and push the limits. The Walken Runner is our first bold experiment aimed at providing additional value and fun to the community and also expanding token utility. It has all the potential to go viral and be a great addition to the main gameplay."

In Walken Runner, a CAThlete will run, gather bonuses and boosters, and try to overcome various obstacles. Completing these actions makes the virtual avatar stronger. That strength is crucial in squaring off against the level's final boss. Completing objectives and finishing levels will enable players to continue their progression and character development.

A Big First Step

The launch of Walken Runner is a big step for the broader Walken ecosystem. The hyper-casual game is linked to the main Walken Game. Moreover, the top participants in Walken Runner - tracked via leaderboards - will receive $WLKN tokens. The leaderboards keep track of all players during the weekly-rotating seasons. Users achieve higher ranks by gathering more points in the game.

The developers already plan to introduce additional features to the Walken Runner game. That includes a further integration with the overarching Walken ecosystem to provide more accurate player Ranks on the leaderboard. Additionally, community feedback is welcomed to spur new ideas and bring more value to all participants.

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