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Walken Set To Launch Walken Runner as Its First Hyper-Casual Game


coincodex.com 18 October 2022 10:00, UTC
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Walken, the walk-to-earn app with big GameFi aspirations, is set to launch its very first hyper-casual game, Walken Runner. Originally scheduled to launch in early October 2022, the game is a play-and-exercise-to-earn mobile project. It will feature CAThletes, which are basically Avatars that will be controlled by players.

As the first game to be released under the Walken ecosystem, Walken Runner is expected to appeal to a diverse group of players, including fitness enthusiasts and play-to-earn gamers. It will diversify the Walken experience and usher in more hyper-casual games. Walken also plans to help its community of gamers and crypto users to transition from Web2 to Web3 through gameplay and other mechanics.

Promoting a healthy and more active lifestyle through Web3 Gaming

The Walken team is doing what most people never considered possible – getting gamers to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Walken Runner is going to be the first of many hyper-casual games in the ecosystem that will offer a fun gaming experience, as well as health and monetary incentives.

With a unique approach to gaming, Walken anticipates an influx of dedicated gamers in the coming months. The team has already invested a lot in developing a robust and sustainable gaming ecosystem. Players can easily access the game through their mobile devices and gameplay is pretty straightforward.

Walken is also keen to help as many Web2 users as possible transition to Web3. The project is committed to providing a robust infrastructure to attract as many developers as possible. Ultimately, it will streamline the onboarding of Web2 users.

Speaking about the new game, Walken CEO, Alexei Kulevets, said:

“We are proud of the current traction of the Walken project and inspired to move on and push the limits. The Walken Runner is our first bold experiment aimed at providing additional value and fun to the community and also expanding token utility. It has all the potential to go viral and be a great addition to the main gameplay.”

Playing Walken Runner

As stated earlier, Walken Runner is a straightforward game. On its journey to building strength, the CAThlete (Avatar) will run through an obstacle course, collecting bonuses and boosters at different intervals in the race. At the end of the track, the CAThlete will square off against a boss. The character development and progression mechanics are awesome.

Walken Runner will be linked to the main Walken Game. Of course, it will reward players accordingly. There will be leaderboards to keep track of activities throughout the week-long seasons, and players will be ranked according to their in-game earned points. Top players will receive WLKN token rewards through their Walken App.

As the Walken ecosystem continues to expand, changes will be made. Already, it has been proposed that players’ activities within the broader Walken ecosystem will be considered during ranking. Of course, this will help to boost the value and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Wrapping up

The Walken team is well-positioned to change the narrative when it comes to gaming and a healthy lifestyle. As it continues to deliver more value to Walken users, we expect that Walken Runner will serve as a precursor to several other hyper-casual games.

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