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Venture Capital Firm NFX Adds $62.6M in Follow-On Investments, Including Crypto Companies


www.coindesk.com 21 July 2022 20:05, UTC
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NFX, a venture capital firm with over $1 billion in total capital commitments, has added $62.61 million to its second fund for follow-on investments that include crypto portfolio companies like fiat onramp startup Ramp, code collaboration network Radicle and minimalist blockchain Celestia.

NFX's Fund II launched in 2019 with $275 million committed for investments across all sectors. Its $450 million Fund III debuted last October to back pre-seed and seed stage companies.

An amended regulatory filing on July 11 showed the company had increased Fund II to $337.61 million. NFX confirmed to CoinDesk that the additional funds were for follow-on investments in high-conviction companies in the fund’s portfolio.

“We have a strong pipeline of crypto and non-crypto companies in Fund II that are opportunistically planning to raise small rounds to further extend their runway," NFX general partner Morgan Beller told CoinDesk in an email. "We raised this extra funding to continue backing them during this uncertain market."

Growing crypto investments

Beller co-created Facebook’s Libra stablecoin project (now known as Meta and Diem, respectively) before joining NFX in September 2020. The company's Fund III – which has more of a focus on crypto investments than Fund II – launched shortly thereafter. Fund III capital has been deployed to “numerous great startups at the intersection of crypto, DeFi, blockchain infrastructure, Web3 gaming, and more,” said Beller.

Portfolio companies for Fund III include blockchain infrastructure startup Mysten Labs, blockchain-based savings account provider Gelt, Web3 game studio Azra Games and Fair.xy, a provider of non-fungible token (NFT) infrastructure.

Beller: “Our litmus test for Web3 investments is: Does this platform lower the barrier to entry for Web3 to developers, enterprises and/or consumers? And we plan to continue doing more of the same, but we also have some new tricks up our sleeve…stay tuned."

Bear market investments

Asked about deploying investments in a bear market, Beller said the firm is “more bullish than ever.”

“We recognize the market has changed but there are some silver linings to this because 1) prices have come down (which we believe is genuinely good for long-term-thinking founders), 2) businesses with network effects are further being solidified, and 3) a lot of the shoddy projects are dying out,” Beller said. “In some ways, we’re only more confident deploying in today’s market than 6-12 months ago."

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