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Bank of England poll reveals XRP and other cryptocurrencies as the most favorite way of receiving money


ambcrypto.com 20 December 2018 10:00, UTC
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Recently, Bank of England, the Central Bank of United Kingdom conducted a poll on their official Twitter handle regarding digital currencies. The central bank laid out the question on people’s most preferred method of receiving money this Christmas. The options that were laid out by the bank were cash, bank transfer, gift voucher, and digital currency.

With four more days to go for the poll to end, there are currently around 6662 total participants, and the majority of the partakers preferred receiving their Christmas money through digital currency as the option received a whopping 67% votes. The second most preferred money was cash, which received over 23% votes. Bank transfer got placed in the third position with over 8% votes and gift voucher turned out to be the least preferred with 2% votes.

Bank of England poll on Twitter | Source: Twitter

Additionally, the comment section of the official tweet showed that XRP was one among the most preferred digital currency. Scubaman said:

“Not any digital currency! I’d accept XRP..the greatest digital asset ever created!”

Dragon Master, a Twitterati said:

“Cryptocurrencies right to one of my digital wallets. Instant transfer for a percentage of a penny in many cases. No need for banks, nobody taking a massive fee for slowing down my transfer. Cutting out the middle man is what’s smart, just like #XTZ”

Crypto Wolf, another Twitterati said:

“I am just an old dinosaur when it comes to cryptocurrency,, (in brief) in 2010 my son asked me could I lend him £20 to buy something called bitcoin ?? (what I had no clue about) so I gave him quite a bit more now please buy me @getbabb tokens “

Barnaby Perrin Aldous, an XRP enthusiast said:

“In the past its been cash or transfer, but with reference to future ambitions, my attention is shifting to digital assets. I’m interested and incidentally would like to know more about where @bankofengland stands on the matter”

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